Footprint Craft : Paper Popsicle


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Today’s footprint craft is a remake of our footprint popsicle we did back in 2011 with the elder brother.

Footprint Popsicle Art for kids

Footprint Popsicle Art 1

The younger brother wanted to do it too but is too young to trace his own footprint and cut it out and got the big brother to help him out.

Footprint Popsicle Art

The little one is able to apply the glue onto the popsicle stick himself.

Footprint Popsicle Art 2

And paste the paper footprint on it.

paper footprint popsicle art

He also wanted to EAT it! ๐Ÿ˜€

Watch this video of the boys making this footprint popsicle craft:

Video Tutorial: Torn Paper Apple Art


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Torn paper apple art for toddlers

We are starting something new. We’ll be making and sharing videos of the kids crafting.

This is their first ever craft video, making Torn Paper Apple Art. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

Torn paper apple art for toddlers 1

Angpow Origami Monkey


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Chinese New Year is just a month away and we will be welcoming the Fire Monkey this year.

Let’s make this cute origami monkey to welcome the year of the Monkey.

Cute Angpow Origami Monkey.

For more details, please click here.

Paper Plate Penguin


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It has been quite some time since we last made a paper plate craft hasn’t it? Let’s make a super simple paper plate craft today. Let’s make a penguin ๐Ÿ™‚
Paper plate penguin 2


Paper Plate Penguin

Paper plate penguin

All we need is just ONE piece of white paper plate.

Paper plate penguin 1

Fold two sides as the wings.

Paper plate penguin 3

Paint the folded area black.

Paper plate penguin 2

Add eyes, beak and feet and your penguin is done!



Balancing Butterfly Craft


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This is a really fun craft that doesnt require any fancy materials. Youโ€™ll most likely have everything already at home. It’s also ‘magical’ and I’m sure your kids will love it!
balancing butterfly craft_2

Amazing Balancing Butterfly Craft

Materials needed:

Coloured Paper
Card board from cereal boxes (or any other box)

balancing butterfly craft_5

Fold a coloured paper half. Drawย one half of a butterfly making sure the top wings are way above the butterfly head to enable it to balance. This is also a good time to teach your child about the centre of gravity.

balancing butterfly craft_4

Cut and paste onto the card board. Cut again.ย 

balancing butterfly craft

Decorate the butterfly.ย 

balancing butterfly craft_1

Paste a coin each on the back of the top wings.ย 

balancing butterfly craft_3

The butterfly should be able to balance itself now.ย 

balancing butterfly

It can balance almost anywhere.ย 

balancing butterfly_2

Your kids will have a whole lot of fun balancing the butterfly everywhere!

balancing bird

You can also make a balancing bird instead of a butterfly.ย 

balancing bird_1

ย It’s just as beautiful and fun to play with. This is a great craft to make at any parties ๐Ÿ™‚


Origami Whale


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It’s the school holidays now so let’s make an origami whale.
Origami Whale_1 Crafty Crafted

Origami Whale_2 Crafty Crafted

Origami Whale_3 Crafty Crafted

Origami Whale_4

Origami Whale_5 Crafty Crafted

Origami Whale Crafty Crafted

OK so it’s the school holidays and I just wanted to do something different with my entry. Hehe. This is not my usual entry. There is no step-by-step instructions but just comic of my two kids because I’ve posted a step-by-step instructions on how to fold an origami whale back in 2009. If you need the full instructions, click here.

Masquerade Mask


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Today we will be making a face mask or rather an eye mask from colored construction paper.
Masqueade craft 1

Construction Paper Face Mask

Masqueade craft 2


You’ll need construction papers of various colors.

Trace your hand onto two different colored paper.

Cut. Cut a hole in the middle for the eyes to see.

Paste them together.


Paste a chopstick at the back and your handprint face mask is done!

Halloween Paper Pumpkin


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Halloween is fast approaching and we hope it’s not to late to share this creation, Halloween Paper Pumpkin.

It’s a great way to decorate your house with these cute little pumpkins. Full tutorialย here.

Happy Halloween!

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag


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Halloween is just around the corner. Let’s start preparing for ‘Trick or Treat’.

We don’t need to burn a hole in our pocket this festive season. Just DIY what we can. For this Halloween Goodie Bag, all we need is brown paper bag and black sugar paper.

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

First, draw any creepy Halloween features on the black sugar paper. Let your child cut it out. You may need to assist him/her if they are not ready to handle the scissors yet.

Apply glue to one side of the sugar paper.

Paste onto the brown bag. Decorate as you wish.

The Halloween Goodie bag is ready. You may also use brown bags with handles.

Papier Mache Hook


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It’s been some time since our last papier mache project so let’s make one today.

Papier mache snake hook

Cut an S shape out of a hard board.

Roll some old newspapers and secure them on the S template using masking tape. Repeat on another side.

Use masking tape and tape all over the newspaper.

Tear old newspapers. Soak them in water. Apply PVA glue and paste all over the masking tape. Repeat several layers. Let dry.

Paint the snake and let dry. Once dry you can use it to hang some lightweight stuffs ๐Ÿ˜€

Pencil Topper


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During the school holidays, I brought our little crafty boy to the mall for some fun holiday crafts. They did a pencil topper that day.

My boy was given this piece of hard construction printed paper. He coloured it.

I thought he did a great job at coloring the horse! ๐Ÿ˜€

He then applied glue all over and placed a pencil in the middle.

Fold, seal and let dry.

He loves it so much that he wanted to make more for his teachers so he can give them when school reopens. We printed our own pictures and he did a few..

Watch this video of him printing and making a Butterfly Pencil Topper ๐Ÿ™‚

Simple Paper Twisting Project


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We did a simple paper twisting project today.

Paper Twist Apple

All we need are crepe papers and PVA glue. Twist crepe papers.

Paste and shape according to your liking. He is trying to make an apple there ๐Ÿ˜€

While another girl did snakes and their nest filled with eggs! Simple but lots of fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

Textured Space Art


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My boy loves the outer space. He found this picture online the other day.

He loves it so much that he printed it out. Since he loves it very much I thought of converting it into a piece of art.

We managed to make the above inspired by the picture that he printed out earlier.

We’ll need lots of recycled cardboard boxes. What I did was to cut the shapes of planets, meteorite and more out of those boxes. We brought those cut-outs to the Studio.

Got the kids to glue the shapes onto hard construction paper.

Paint the paper with lots of colors and let dry.

Lit a candle and drop the wax all over.

Paint over the wax drops. Paint the planets and the frame.

The artwork after painting. Let dry.

This is the fun part. Once dry, use a coin to scrape the wax off the paper to reveal colorful dots.

The kids and their space art ๐Ÿ˜€ Houston, we DON’T have a problem ๐Ÿ˜›

Puffy Heart Valentine


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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Let’s make a puffy heart today <3

Valentine’s Puffy Heart

Referring to our post here, cut a heart out of hard construction paper to be used as the template. Let the kids trace the outline of the heart on white hard construction paper.

Cut the heart out. Younger kids might need assistance in cutting the heart.

Paint the heart red. Let dry. Repeat on the other side.

Using a hole punch, punch a hole on the heart.

ย Cut long strips out of crepe paper. Cut again into small squares.

Crumple the crepe papers squares into tiny balls. You’ll need plenty of these.

Spread PVA Glue on one side of the heart.

Scatter the crepe paper balls onto the heart and press down to secure them. Repeat on the other side.

Tie a gold string through the hole and the Valentine’s Puffy Heart craft is done ๐Ÿ™‚

DIY Ang Pow Packet


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I was a pre-school teacher when I was expecting my little artist Ethan. It was always my intention to continue teaching and remain in the working force. All that changed the moment I laid hand on my baby in the Operating Theatre. I submitted my resignation and vowed to be the best mother a mom can be to my son. I live with this mantra in my head – โ€œA parent is a childโ€™s first teacherโ€.

My love for art and crafts helps create that special bond between Ethan and I. We started crafting together when he was 12 months old and it helps in his motor and fine skills development tremendously. Initially weโ€™ll hang up his masterpieces in the Art Room in the house. Overtime, we ran out of walls.

That is when was born; to immortalize his artwork and also to share our ideas with other mommies out there. That was 3 years ago.

A week ago, we finally got ourselves a colour printer. We chose a HP colour inkjet printer.ย I need not limit his creativity to only water paint and crayons anymore. He can now print out stuffs that he created online.

For a start, with the Chinese New Year around the corner Ethan did his first printing craftwork.

Personalised Ang Pow Packet

He personalised his very own red packets to be given to his grandparents. Letโ€™s have a look at how he does it ๐Ÿ˜€

A+ #1 โ€“ First, choose a picture of the person you are giving the Ang Pow to. This is easily done by stalking their Facebook account ๐Ÿ˜› I helped Ethan to get the pictures of my nieces from my sistersโ€™ FB account and saved them in my PC.

A+ #2 โ€“ Ethan chose the pictures that he likes best and starts printing. Mind you, he did it all by himself as shown in the video at the end of this post!

A+ #3 โ€“ Quickly and silently, our new HP printer did the job. Excellent!

A+ #4 โ€“ Take an old Ang Pow packet and tear it open to be used as a template. Trace the outline according to the template.

A+ #5 โ€“ The personalised Ang Pow is slowly taking shape.

A+ #6 โ€“ Cut accordingly. Please assist your child if he has yet to master the art of cutting with a pair of scissors.

A+ #7 โ€“ The personalised Ang Pow cut out.

A+ #8 โ€“ Fold accordingly and paste.

A+ #9 โ€“ The personalised Ang Pow is done!

A+ #10 โ€“ Ethan personalised Ang Pows for all his cousin sisters and even did some of himself to be given to his grandparents ๐Ÿ˜€

Lovely isnโ€™t it? We are highly impressed with the printout. It looked so natural and beautiful, we are definitely going to do more print art in the future!

I am an A+ mom and so can you!

Watch the video of Ethan printing his very own personalized Ang Pow.

Jelly Fish craft


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He came home from his Mandarin class the other day with this jellyfish craft. It was a very cute craft indeed but when I asked him, he said most of the work was done by the teachers. He got to paste the tentacles though…

Jellyfish craft

Since he did not get to do it entirely by himself in school, I let him do it in the Studio today.

Paint a jellyfish and let it dry

Cut. He can cut perfectly now ๐Ÿ˜€

Paste the eyes

Paste the tentacles

Tah-dah! Equally cute and 100% his own effort! *thanx to his teachers for the idea though* ๐Ÿ˜€

Paper Mache Aeroplane


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We are very excited today. We did a paper mache aeroplane! We can now build our very own toys! Yeay!

Paper Mache Aeroplane

Cut wings and tail out of paper plate and attach to an empty plastic bottle using masking tape.

Spread glue on the bottle and paste wet shredded paper. Repeat until the entire bottle is covered.

It is best to paste few layers to get solid and hard aeroplane.

Finish with a layer of white recycled paper and let dry.

Paint it with the colour of your choice.

Decorate it.

Paint windows and all. Let dry and spray a layer of varnish to seal the paint.

He now has a new aeroplane to play with! ๐Ÿ˜€

Origami cranes for Japan


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We were in Sunway Giza this evening and saw this..

Let’s fold origami cranes for Japan!

They say anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will have their heart’s desire come true.

Let’s together fold MORE than one thousand origami cranes for the Land of the Rising Sun in light of their recent quake and tsunami plight.

Origami papers and simple instructions were provided.

Ethan trying to figure out what to do..

He is getting it… it is starting to turn out to be a crane ๐Ÿ˜€

There! His origami crane. I think the tail is a little bit off but it’s okay. It’s the effort and thoughts that counts right? He is barely 4 years old, give him a break! ๐Ÿ˜›

Ready to insert the origami crane into the box provided.

We did not one but four origami cranes. We would love to stay on and do more but we ran out of time.

Will definitely go back to Sunway Giza soon to make more origami cranes.

Our Heart Goes to the people of Japan…

Basic Shapes Dump Truck


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Let’s learn basic shapes today and along the way make a dump truck out of it ๐Ÿ˜€

Dump truck

Iย cut several basic shapes such as rectangle, square and circle. We also shredded some crepe paper.

Use a glue stick to stick the shapes

Paste the shapes onto an art block

Spread some glue on the top part of the dump truck

Stick the confetti (shredded crepe paper) on and you are done ๐Ÿ˜€

Basic shapes dump truck

Valentine’s Heart Mobile


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Let’s make a super simple heart mobile today ๐Ÿ™‚

Valentine’s Heart Mobile

Refer to our post here and cut two hearts out of coloured construction paper. I prefer to use papers of different colours.

Cut a slit to the centre of the heart, one slit on the bottom half of the heart and the other heart on the upper half.

Slide the hearts together, top to bottom.

Tie a string or you may cut a strip of paper using craft scissors.