Leaf Stamping Art for Toddlers


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The hot spell brought many leaves to the ground and what better way to appreciate them then by making a leaf stamping art?

All you need is lots of leaves, paint brush, tempera paste and a piece of paper for stamping on. We used plastic egg cartons to store paints and empty drink bottles to wash the paint brush. We try to recycle stuffs before disposing them.

Leaf stamping art for toddlers 1

Enjoy this video of my 2 1/2 year old boy enjoying painting and stamping:

Vitagen Bottle Panda


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Since making the vitagen bottle elephant the other day, I’m very inspired to make other animals out of it. Today, we shall make a panda out of a vitagen bottle 🙂

Vitagen Panda

Draw a circle out of a white piece of paper, cut and paste to cover the mouth of the bottle

– Do the same for the base of the bottle.
– Paste small strips of paper to cover the entire surface and add some black parts using black sugar paper.

– Cut two ears out of black craft foam and paste

– Cut 2 eyes out of black sugar paper and paste.
– Paste 2 small googly eyes on it.
– Cut a small heart shape for the nose and draw the mouth.
– Use black craft foam as the legs.

Nice? 😀

Vitagen Bottle Elephant


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If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I like to recycle stuffs for crafts. Today, I’m very happy for the craft that I’m sharing with you is totally, 100%, originally MINE 😀

I sat for hours looking at the Vitagen bottles piling up in the recycling box in my kitchen. Yes, I have boxes in the kitchen labelled “plastic“, “glass“, “paper” and “others“. We ALL need to do our part for the environment, don’t we? After hours and hours of looking at the bottle, I finally came out with THIS. I’m so happy (oh yes, I’ve said that already :D).

Alright, enough of talking and let’s get to back to business. A friend of mine calls this elephant ELEGEN, so ELEGEN it shall be 😀 Ladies and gentlemen, presenting….

Elegen, the Vitagen Elephant 🙂

Draw a circle, cut and paste to cover the ‘mouth’ of the bottle.

Use small strips of paper and paste until you’ve covered the entire bottle.

Cut 2 long strips of paper. I used two different colors.
Fold on top of each other and then paste as the trunk.
Cut 2 ears out of colored craft foam and paste.

Cut four strips out of colored craft foam and glue the ends to form a loop.
Paste onto the elephant as the legs.

Glue a pipe cleaner as the tail.
I stick an oval craft foam at the end for maximum cuteness effect 😀

Elegen - MY Vitagen Elephant 😀