Basic Shapes Dump Truck


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Let’s learn basic shapes today and along the way make a dump truck out of it 😀

Dump truck

I cut several basic shapes such as rectangle, square and circle. We also shredded some crepe paper.

Use a glue stick to stick the shapes

Paste the shapes onto an art block

Spread some glue on the top part of the dump truck

Stick the confetti (shredded crepe paper) on and you are done 😀

Basic shapes dump truck

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Nice work. Happy chap goh mei

Thank you Rose,

Happy Chap Goh Mei to you too 😀

so cool and kudos for Ethan for making such a very neat project…

pretty neat for a dump truck!

My almost three year daycare child and I made the your garbage truck craft. Since Oregon is having some sunny days in the mid to high 90’s, we added a happy sun with orange eyes, smile and alternating orange and yellow sun rays. Our Pre-K and younger daycare children get excited when the garbage trucks arrives every Wednesday. The daycare children smile and wave then the garbage man smiles and waves back. The smiles on the children’s faces is priceless. This was our first garbage truck craft. I’m so happy to find a craft that’s easy to do with younger daycare children. Thank you so much for sharing your toddler friendly, easy and cute garbage truck craft.

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