We would like to invite anyone who is currently doing craft works either on their own or with their children to submit their crafts’ photos to be published in our “Crafty Crafted Friends” corner. It will be fun to see your crafts being published on our website.

Use the following form to submit the craft’s photo to us. Do provide us the description of your craft. Be as creative as possible.

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    Terms and conditions

    1. Crafts’ photos submitted must be suitable for children age 12 and below.
    2. Crafts must be original work of the author.
    3. Any advertisement/branding contents within the submission will be omitted during publication. This includes business based website addresses.
    4. By submitting your photos to Crafty-Crafted.com, you allow us to re-publish your photos in our blog posting.
    5. Crafty-Crafted.com reserve the right to reject your submission should the content found to have violated our terms and conditions.
    6. This terms and conditions could be revised from time to time without notification. Please check the terms and condition before submission.