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The year end is near and that calls for a celebration. Let’s make a fireworks artwork today πŸ˜€

Dilute some paints (the more watery the better) and drip some on art block. With a straw in your mouth, blow to spread the paint. Repeat this process until you’ve achieved the fireworks you desires πŸ˜€

The kids and their fireworks art πŸ™‚

Yellow Angry Bird Pyssla Beads


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Still in the mood for Pyssla Beads. Here’s a Yellow Angry Bird πŸ˜€

Yellow Angry Bird

Egg mold as CUTE bread cutter


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Since the little boy started school, it is a headache to think of what to make for him to bring to class.

I made this cute little cheese sandwiches the other day and he super loves it! Read the full entry here.

I have to think creatively now to add ‘excitement’ into his lunch box. I’m not into making a full-fledged bento. Too much hassle and I always believe, the more we handle the food, the more contaminated it can be -__-

Bubble wrap Honeycomb art


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Let’s make a honeycomb using bubble wrap today πŸ˜€


Paint a piece of bubble wrap

Place the painted surface down on a piece of paper

Paint your thumb and stamp all over as the bees

Paint the wings and draw lines on the bees.

Now comes the fun part. Mix some paint with PVA glue.

Drip the mixture onto the honeycomb

Hold the paper up and see the paint mixture flow creating honey in the honeycomb πŸ˜€

Optional : I cut some ovals out of yellow foam and get the kids to paste them onto the honeycomb. Paste plastic wings too.

Security and performance of


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Hello there. Greetings. Here’s a quick update from the shadowman.

We’ve added several additional security measures to prevent the recurrence of last weekend’s incident.

With the additional security, if any of you were prompted by a BIG white screen with a verification form to verify that you are human appreciating this blog, just kindly follow the instruction and verify yourself in the form provided. Most of you will NOT be prompted and if you do get prompted, I’d suggest a full security and virus scan/check being made on your machine or network.

At the same time, we’ve increased the performance of the website to cater for the exponential growth in this website popularity, and of course the author herself :) . We hope this will provide better experience to all of you.

Drop Merryn a message if you require more information on this. Thank you for your continuous support.


Toilet Paper Roll Bird


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Let’s make a bird today. Not an angry bird but a cute one πŸ˜€

Toilet Paper Roll Bird

Paint a toilet paper roll any colour to your liking.

Paint your thumb white and stamp as the white eye. Paint your pointer black and stamp again as the eyeball πŸ˜€

Cut two triangles out of orange construction paper for the beak

Spread PVA glue all over the toilet roll

Now it’s the fun part – Sticking feathers onto the bird.

Instead of buying feathers from craft store, I bought a brand new feather duster and stripped the feathers from it instead. It’s much cheaper that way!

The kids with their bird πŸ˜€