Pyssla beads cake


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We’re sorry. It’s been awhile since we update this blog with new entries. We are currently midway through a craft project and are running like a headless chicken from one end to another.

Anyway, here’s something interesting you can get the kids to make during birthday parties – Pyssla beads cake.

Pyssla beads cake_1

As easy as 1,2, 3.

Click here for the full instruction.Β 

We got to run now. We promise to post a full new entry as soon as we are done with our project. Till then, happy crafting! πŸ™‚

Pyssla Bead : Happy Feet


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We were shopping when he came across this penguin and took the feet away! >_<

Happy Feet πŸ˜›

Pyssla Bead Happy Feet WITHOUT the feet as my board is just too small!

Anyway, it’s been raining cats and dogs recently and Ethan found many dead frog on the road.. They looked like this :

Have a nice day folks! πŸ˜€

Yellow Angry Bird Pyssla Beads


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Still in the mood for Pyssla Beads. Here’s a Yellow Angry Bird πŸ˜€

Yellow Angry Bird

Pyssla Beads – Doraemon


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We have many craft projects to post but I just could not find the time to get the pictures done so let’s justΒ take a look at some Doraemon Pyssla Beads to occupy our time while waiting for the next entry okay? πŸ˜€

Doraemon Pyssla Beads

Angry Bird Coasters


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After the success of making our very own Pyssla Beads Angry Bird keychain, we proceeded to making coasters today.

Angry Bird coasters *well, the one in the middle is NOT Angry Bird though, it’s DOMO πŸ˜€*

It’s basically the same as making keychain except we don’t hook a key ring on it.

Blue Angry Bird coaster

Red Angry Bird Coaster

I wanted to add background to make the coaster square but it turned out too large for a coaster so I scrapped the idea totally. Let this be a unique coaster that is neither round nor square πŸ˜€

The coasters, keychains and even fridge magnets are now on sale in the Studio. Coming soon is the green pig and yellow bird πŸ˜€

Angry Bird Pyssla Beads Keychain


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A student showed me a picture of an Angry Bird made of Pyssla beads and asked me if I can make that for him. Well, we tried and guess what? We made a key chain out of it!

Angry Bird Keychain

I think we got it right… πŸ˜€

After ironing the beads

Angry Bird keychain πŸ™‚

P/S: I really would like to give credit to the person who created the pyssla design for this Angry Bird but I just don’t know where my student got the picture from. If you are that person, please do drop me a line and I’ll link it back to you. Thank you.

Here’s how to insert the keychain to the Angry Bird:
* Poke a hole in the Angry Bird and insert the keychain

* The bird will be angrier coz u poked it

* It doesnt like to be poked
Cheers and have a nice day πŸ˜€

Pyssla beads


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I love Pyssla beads. We can make almost anything out of it!

Pyssla beads

The kids hard at work πŸ˜€

Arrange the beads according to what you want it to be

Place parchment paper on the beads

Iron the beads, moving the iron about for 10 seconds or so

The beads will be attached to each other once ironed

Let it cool before removing the parchment paper

A beautiful ladybug πŸ˜€

Now.. let’s see what else the kids did!

Smiley Face πŸ™‚

Snowflake and Christmas tree πŸ˜€