Craft’s What Is – Corrugated Paper


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Corrugated fiberboard is a paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards.

Corrugated fiberboard paper comes in two forms, lined and unlined. For art and craft purposes, lined corrugated paper is usually used. Lined corrugated paper is rigid layered paper that encloses a fluted layer between one or two smooth “liner” layers. The fluted layer provides added strength. Paper we know as cardboard is actually lined corrugated paper. Unlined corrugated paper consists of the fluted layer only and is flexible.

Corrugated paper products are lightweight, versatile and durable.

Craft’s What Is – Masking Tape


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Masking tape is a type of pressure sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper. It is available in a variety of widths. It is used mainly in painting to cover the part of a surface that should not be painted.

Craft Tips – Varnishing


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PVA glue can also be used to make varnish, which will help protect the surface of many of your projects. A shiny, varnished effect looks really professional.  Mix the glue with one third the amount of water. The varnish will look a bit white when you paint it on, but when it dries it will be clear.

Craft’s What Is – PVA Glue


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PVA glue – Is also known as white glue, school glue or wood working glue. It is water-based; your hands and brushes come clean easily under the tap. PVA glue sticks most things together – wood, cardboard, paper, cloth and plastic.

It is great for applying glitter too. Just mix it in and paint it. You can apply the glue with either a paintbrush or a glue spreader. PVA glue mixed with water is perfect for papier-mache and the glue can be undiluted on parts that need extra strength.

Coming up.. other usage of PVA glue. Stay tuned 🙂

Craft’s What Is – Sugar Paper


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Sugar paper or construction paper is a light paper that looks frosted due to the nature of the source material from which the paper is manufactured. It  is  a tougher type of coloured paper; coarse, slightly rough with unfinished surface and is mostly available in large sheets.

The most commonly used sugar paper in craft is the black sugar paper.

Craft’s What Is – Craft Scissors


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Craft scissors

Craft scissors are scissors which have been developed for use in arts and crafts. There are several different styles of craft scissors, ranging from pinking shears, which create a wavy edge in cut objects, to children’s craft scissors, with blunt blades which are designed to reduce injury. Many craft stores sell an assortment of craft scissors, and it is also possible to order them through specialty suppliers. Having a pair of utility craft scissors around the house can be extremely useful, as these scissors tend to be very versatile.

Craft’s What Is – Double Sided Tape


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Double Sided Tape

Double-sided tape has adhesive on both sides of the tape. It can allow people to attach two things together without the tape showing.

Double-sided tape is more effective with sticking objects such as paper, cardboard, and arts and crafts together than regular tape is. Also, double-sided tape usually is not visible in the end product, due to it actually being in between the objects rather than overlaying them. This allows for neater looking projects and better craftsmanship. It can replace glue and attach two things together at the same time. Artwork can be mounted on boards with double sided tape, and plenty of people making scrapbooks use it.

Craft’s What Is – Pipe Cleaner


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Pipe cleaners

A pipe cleaner is a type of brush originally intended for cleaning smoking pipes. Besides cleaning pipes, they can be used for any application that calls for cleaning out small bores or tight places. Special pipe cleaners are manufactured specifically for cleaning out medical apparatus and for engineering applications. They are popular for catching drips, tying up things, colour coding, and applying paints, oils, solvents, greases, and similar substances.

“Craft” pipe cleaners however are usually made with polyester or nylon pile and are often longer and thicker than the “smoking” type, and available in many different colors. Craft pipe cleaners are not very useful for cleaning purposes, because the polyester does not absorb liquids, and the thicker versions may not even fit down the stem of a normal pipe. Because “sharp” ends of a pipe cleaner are needed to push ends into backing material to hold up objects they should not be left for children under five to play with, unless under supervision.

Creative crafters can make flowers, plants, and animals out of pipe cleaners, as well as using them for other activities. Most craft stores sell assortments of pipe cleaners pre-packaged, or allow crafters to pick out individual pipe cleaners from bins.

Craft’s What is – Accordion Fold


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Typically accordion folds are to fold into pleats resembling the bellows of an accordion. They are simple zig-zag folds with 6-panels (or more)  and two parallel folds that go in opposite directions. Each panel of the accordian fold is about the same size.

Also Known As: z fold | zig-zag

Craft’s What is – Felt


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Felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibres. While some types of felt are very soft, some are tough enough to form construction materials. Felt can be of any color, and made into any shape or size.

Felt is widely used in craft projects as the outcome are often natural and soft.

Craft’s What is – Crepe Paper?


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Crepe paper, or crêpe paper, is tissue paper that’s been coated with sizing and then “creped” to create gathers. Sizing is a material such as glue, gelatin, gum, or starch, added to paper pulp or cloth to add sheen and stiffness, among other things. This gives crepe paper a distinct texture and feel, and one quite different from untreated tissue paper.

Crepe tissue paper comes in white, as well as an array of bright and pastel colors, and it may or may not bleed.

Crepe paper is popular for streamers and other party decorations, but it has other uses as well. Props and costume accessories can be made of crepe paper. It can be soaked in a small amount of water to create a dye for Easter eggs, white cardstock, and other materials. Crepe paper can also be used to make paper flowers, appliqué, and paper sculpture.