Creative Expression – Game


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Today, the kids were given these..

Creative expression - game

Heavy paper roll

and these..

Creative expression - game

Empty plastic bottles.

They were told to think of a game to play with those and they came out with this…

Plastic bottle bowling. Cool!

They enjoyed it very much that they were reluctant to stop!

The satisfaction they got when they hit a STRIKE was priceless πŸ˜€

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Our Christmas Tree


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We set up a Christmas tree in the studio the other day and the kids wanted to help with the decorations. Let me tell you something… we haven’t get any ornaments YET!
BUT that did not stop the kids from decorating the tree! Look what happened…
Guess what? They took the craft samples and put it on the tree!
Trying to chuck in as many crafts as possible…
Showing off what they gonna put next..
There! Our one of a kind – Craft Christmas Tree! πŸ˜€

Creative Expression – Vehicles


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This week during Creative Expression, the kids were told to act out the vehicles they love best. They were allowed to use only things that can be found in the studio as props.
Train.. Choo Choo!!!!
Car – Driving on Federal Highway. Obviously they haven’t tried driving through the massive JAM! See if they’ll still be able to smile then! πŸ˜›
Boat – Row, row, row your boat…
Aeroplane – Up, up and away!
And lastly..
Mat Rempit! @_@ (That is what we call those with BIG BIKES driving recklessly on the road!)

Creative Expression


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The kids at the studio not only do arts and crafts the entire time they are there. They also do some other things such as origami, puzzles and Creative Expression πŸ˜€
The kids trying to be as BIG as an elephant
And then trying to be as little as a mouse…
My Ethan the elephant πŸ˜€
Here they are saying, “We have hair not MANE!” (As opposed to the lion πŸ˜€)
The lion cub ROARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *This cub will grow up to be one FIERCE lioness πŸ˜›*
And the herd of sheep heading back to their pen πŸ˜€