Toilet Paper Roll Oil Lamp


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We are in the festive spirit and will be making oil lamp today πŸ™‚

Toilet Paper Roll Oil Lamp

Cut half a large toilet paper roll

Cut a triangle out of small toilet paper roll

Paste onto the larger toilet paper roll

Cut ‘flames’ out of coloured construction paper.

Paint the toilet paper roll inside out

Use hair dryer to expedite the drying process.Β  Click here for more of craft tips and tricks.

Paste the flame and the oil lamp is done πŸ™‚

Abstract Art – Toilet Paper Roll


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We are going to make an abstract art using toilet paper roll today πŸ™‚

Toilet paper roll

Abstract art

toilet paper roll

Dip a toilet paper roll into tub of paint

toilet paper roll

Stamp onto an art block, repeat until you’ve covered the entire surface

toilet paper roll

My boy loves to wipe away the paint before dipping the roll into different colour tubs πŸ™‚

toilet paper roll

The kids love doing this!



Footprint Popsicle


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Footprint Popsicle

Draw the outline of your foot

Cut it out and paste

Paste a popsicle stick

Layer it with more footprints for a nicer effect πŸ˜€ Slurp!

Paper Towel Butterfly Mobile


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Kate Gribble of An Amazing Child shared this beautiful Paper Towel Butterfly Mobile πŸ˜€

This activity uses paper towel and food colouring (paint). It is perfect for toddlers. The paint spreads beautifully across the paper and once dry, can be cut into any shape you like. This mobile was made by Kate and her 27 month old son for her 11 week old daughter.

Click here for the full instruction. Thank you Kate for sharing this amazing craft. We love it!

Share your craft with us. Submit your craft and permalink here. Thank you πŸ™‚

Paper Plate TP Roll Mushroom


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We are still in the mushroom craze so that is what we’ll be making today πŸ™‚

Paper plate toilet paper roll mushroom

Paint the toilet paper roll brown

Cut a line to the middle of the plate and glue as shown above.

Paint the paper plate red.

Varnish the paper plate with PVA Glue.

The paper plate should be sticky. Paste cotton on it and let dry. It will have a nice shine once dried.

Spread glue on the rim of the toilet paper roll

Plate the paper plate on the toilet paper roll

Paper plate mushrooms

The kids and their mushrooms πŸ™‚

Creative Expression – Game


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Today, the kids were given these..

Creative expression - game

Heavy paper roll

and these..

Creative expression - game

Empty plastic bottles.

They were told to think of a game to play with those and they came out with this…

Plastic bottle bowling. Cool!

They enjoyed it very much that they were reluctant to stop!

The satisfaction they got when they hit a STRIKE was priceless πŸ˜€

Click here to check out other creative expression activities in the Studio

1) Creative Expression – Vehicle

2) Creative Expression – Animals

Hand and Footprint Carrot


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My boy loves eating carrots. He says they are good for his eyes so when he heard that we are going to make a hand and footprint carrot today, he is very excited!

Hand and footprint carrot.

Paint your foot orange

Stamp it onto a piece of paper

Paint some lines across the carrot

Paint your palm green

Stamp it above the carrot and the carrot is good to be ‘eaten’ πŸ˜›

Yarn Circle Garland


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Jamie of hands on : as we grow shared this beautiful Yarn Circle Garland craft with us. Jamie says, “Crafts sometimes take different shape than originally intended. Most of the time they end up with a better outcome.

This beautiful garland is made from only yarn and glue and the help of a muffin tin, all by my preschooler.”

Click here for the full instruction. Thank you Jamie for sharing your craft with us. We really appreciate it. πŸ™‚