CD Ladybug Note Holder


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We have lots and lots of old CDs in our TV cabinet. Some of them have scratches all over that I thought of disposing them when I was spring cleaning the other day. But we never throw away old stuffs now do we? We recycle them! πŸ˜€

Besides CDs we also have lots of these eco-friendly shopping bags. Too many of them in fact! So I decided to recycle them too!

Let’s make a magnetic note holder from recyclables today πŸ™‚

Use the CD as a guide and draw a circle on the black shopping bag.

Draw another circle on the red shopping bag and cut.

Paste the black circle cut-out on the CD. Cut the red circle into half and paste. Cut smaller black circles and paste on the wings.

Paste two googly eyes.

Add the back, paste used clothes peg and a magnet over it.

I think the only items you needed to purchase is the googly eyes and magnet. The rest are totally from the cabinet!

Dog Cookies for Kids


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Besides crafting, we can also bake cute stuffs for kids.

With just flour, icing sugar and butter (and some chocolate chips, rice and Koko Krunch), we can make this cute little doggies cookies. Click here for recipe and full instructions πŸ™‚

Egg Carton Handprint Owl


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Howdy craftiers! Sorry for the long absence. It’s been some time now since our last hand print art, hasn’t it? Let’s make this cute handprint owl art today πŸ™‚

Handprint Egg Carton Owl

Paint your palm brown.

Stamp it onto a piece of drawing art block.

Cut the eyes and beak out of an egg carton.

Paint the eyes and beak.

While waiting for the egg carton to dry, paste some feathers on the handprint.

Paste the eyes onto the handprint and the cute owl is done! Boot boot! πŸ˜€