Button Bugs


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Yvonne of MyDiaryMyBlog shared with us this cute craft made by her kids from recycling old buttons taken out from old clothings. All they needed were old buttons, UHU glue, sequins and soft wires.

This craft requires adult’s supervision as buttons and tiny sequins are being used. Please ensure the little ones do not put them into their mouth.

Thank you Yvonne for the lovely craft out of recycled items. Click here for the full entry.

You too can share your art and craft work with us. Just click here to submit. Thank you

Beads – Cars


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Still in the beads mood, Ethan requested for a car for each of us. That means I have to make 3 cars! OK, here goes…
Pyssla beads nicely arranged. Now all it needs is some ironing 😀
My pink car and Ethan’s blue car. Nice? 😛
He loves his brand new car. Wait till you see what I got for Darling 😀
A brand new open top Maserati! Haha… 😛
I Love U 😀

Pyssla Beads spotted at Toys ‘r’ Us


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Was shopping for gifts in Toys ‘r’ Us today when I came across THIS! Pyssla beads! Ok, so they don’t call them ‘Pyssla’ but they sure ARE the BEADS that I’ve come to LOVE so much recently! So to those of you who live far, far away from IKEA, you can now get your beads from Toys ‘r’ Us! 
Now.. isn’t THAT great? I bet many of you will make a dash to Toys ‘r’ Us soon 😛

Our Pyssla beads project for today is…

Watermelon! 😀