Craft foam picture frame


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It’s Father’s Day today. The kids did a foam picture frame to present to their father (or mother as it is after all Parents’ Month this month)

DIY Foam Picture Frame.

You’ll need half an A4 size of coloured craft foam. Place a smaller rectangle paper in the middle of that craft foam and draw a line along it.

Cut according to the line.

Paste a sheet of plastic over the cut out hole. Stick using cellophane tape.

Paste a coloured construction paper on a piece of rectangle hard board card. Paste double layered tape as shown above.

Paste the rectangle craft foam over the hard board card. Punch two holes on the hardboard card and tie ribbon.

Decorate as you wish. I’ve always loved ladybug as I believe it brings good luck. Refer here for the foam ladybug tutorial.

The DIY foam picture frame is done!

Best Father’s Day Gift


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Ethan did a card for his Daddy today based on our Father’s Day Handprint Card.

Father’s Day Card

He drew his hand print

Paste the handprint and the heart. He wrote a message by himself.. aww…

Daddy is happy. Fully written by himself, my boy, turning four next month πŸ˜€


Happy Father’s Day to all daddies out there! πŸ™‚

Heart Egg


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No.. not talking about heart ACHE here… but Heart Egg πŸ˜€

Heart Egg

Heat a pan and place a silicon heart mould on it

Crack an egg into the mould

Pour some water into the pan

Cover it

Remove the silicon mould and decorate as you wish πŸ˜€

We decorated ours with lots of ketchup! πŸ˜€

Father’s Day Handprint Card


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Father’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s make a card for dear ol’ Dad πŸ˜€

Father’s Day Card

Draw a heart on a craft foam and cut

Click here to learn how to get symmetrical heart shape

The kids with their ‘hearts’ πŸ™‚

Draw the outline of your palm

The kids decorating and personalising their cards

Their masterpiece πŸ™‚

Father’s Day Card


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Father’s Day is around the corner. I’ve made this card for my Darling, for being the #1 Dad to my precious Ethan. I’ll make another for my Dad too, for being the #1 Grandpa to Ethan and the #1 Dad to ME!

I use blue craft foam.
Fold both ends so that they meet in the middle.
Push down the top corner to make the ‘collar’. Glue it down.
Draw some lines and cut a line through the pocket to insert a note.
I printed Darling’s name and a note to slip into the pocket. Peek-a-boo at what’s inside.
Peek again…
Tah-dah! My precious Darlings!