Rainbow craft stick stationery holder

I did a craft stick stationery holder with my student earlier this year. Refer to it here. Back then my boy was too young to make that.

Today, he is ready to make his own craft stick stationery holder and requested for a rainbow theme 😀

Rainbow craft stick stationery holder

Paint the craft sticks with your favourite colours

Let them dry

Paste the toilet paper roll onto a piece of hard board and cut

Spread glue all over

Stick the craft sticks all around the toilet paper roll

Let it dry and decorate as you wish

I tied ribbon around it to hold the craft sticks together better 🙂

Wanna see what I did? Here…

Smiley face craft stick stationery holder 🙂


  1. Kimmy

    I want that Smiley face holder. Pleaseeee…

  2. what a brilliant Idea.. craft stick is one of my favorite art medium woohoo
    great job Ethan

  3. Alice Law

    Ahhh, such a resourceful and practical craft!

  4. nievet

    I love this craft .The instructions are very simply put therefore easy to follow. I will make this with a Grade 1 class. Thanks for sharing ,

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