Popsicle stick Storage Box

A Crafty-Crafted Friend's submission of a cool storage box 🙂

Milton of Our Little Corners must have eaten ‘millions’ of popsicles for this project 😀 You may use craft sticks instead if you can’t get yourself to digest a million popsicles 😛

I’ll let the pictures do all the ‘talking’ here as he has definitely put in a lot of effort in this project! Words just can’t describe them 😀

So lovely, I likey 😀

Thank you Milton 🙂


  1. Oh, lovely! Perhaps can make a little doll house for my girl Juan Juan, thanks for sharing, please have a wonderful weekend!

    • Merryn


      😀 Glad you like this craft and if you do decide to make a little doll house, please do not forget to share it with us here 🙂

      Have a great weekend too 🙂

    • Merryn

      Thank YOU Milton 😀 I really like this 🙂

    • Irene,

      Nice rite? If my Darling made me this, I’ll love him forever! lol.. 😛

    • Merryn

      The little ones will have a wonderful time eating popsicles 😀

  2. just like the old days…i used to do a lot of things with popsicle sticks

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