Footprint Craft : Paper Popsicle


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Today’s footprint craft is a remake of our footprint popsicle we did back in 2011 with the elder brother.

Footprint Popsicle Art for kids

Footprint Popsicle Art 1

The younger brother wanted to do it too but is too young to trace his own footprint and cut it out and got the big brother to help him out.

Footprint Popsicle Art

The little one is able to apply the glue onto the popsicle stick himself.

Footprint Popsicle Art 2

And paste the paper footprint on it.

paper footprint popsicle art

He also wanted to EAT it! πŸ˜€

Watch this video of the boys making this footprint popsicle craft:

Footprint Popsicle


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Footprint Popsicle

Draw the outline of your foot

Cut it out and paste

Paste a popsicle stick

Layer it with more footprints for a nicer effect πŸ˜€ Slurp!

Popsicle stick Storage Box


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A Crafty-Crafted Friend's submission of a cool storage box πŸ™‚

Milton of Our Little Corners must have eaten ‘millions’ of popsicles for this project πŸ˜€ You may use craft sticks instead if you can’t get yourself to digest a million popsicles πŸ˜›

I’ll let the pictures do all the ‘talking’ here as he has definitely put in a lot of effort in this project! Words just can’t describe them πŸ˜€

So lovely, I likey πŸ˜€

Thank you Milton πŸ™‚