Ghost Lollipops


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It’s Halloween! Happy Halloween to all. 

We made Ghosts out of lollipops today. 

Lollipop ghosts makes a great Halloween treats. 

Here is the tutorial video on how to make this super simple Lollipop Ghosts. 

Chinese New Year Ang Pow Fish


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Remember our Ang Pow Fish decor we made back in 2010? Well, we improved it recently by adding a tail to it and it is now so much nicer.

Ang Pow Fish

Draw as shown above.

Cut accordingly.

Cut out the tail from another ang pow packet.

Paste it onto the fish.

Add googly eyes and tie a string on it and it is ready to welcome the Lunar New Year 🙂

Angpow Origami Monkey


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Chinese New Year is just a month away and we will be welcoming the Fire Monkey this year.

Let’s make this cute origami monkey to welcome the year of the Monkey.

Cute Angpow Origami Monkey.

For more details, please click here.

Hari Raya Greeting Card


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I just realized we have not been updating this blog since late last year. That is what Motherhood does to me. I hardly have time to craft with my kids but as the little one will be turning TWO next month, I’m sure we’ll be updating frequently as he is at the best age to be crafting with his little fingers 😀

For today, I’ll just be sharing a greeting card my elder boy did in school for the upcoming Hari Raya festival. Hari Raya AidilFitri is an important celebration by Muslims. 

DIY Hari Raya Card for kids

He made a ‘ketupat’ using crepe paper on the front of his card.

Hari Raya Craft

And wrote some festival greetings on the inside. 

Red Packet Lantern


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Chinese New Year is just one and a half month away so let’s start making CNY decorations using red packets.
red packet lantern

For this Red Packet lantern, we’ll be needing TP Rolls too for the core.

angpow lantern

Wrap the TP Roll with red craft paper.

angpow lantern diy

Using only the front part of the red packet wrapper, cut lines down leaving a cm uncut on the top and bottom part.

making own angpow lantern

Paste it on the TP Roll and decorate with dangling ornament.

red packet lantern

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Bottle Pencil Case


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This is a great school holiday crafts for kids. Today we will be transforming a simple plastic bottle into a cool Airplane Pencil Case.
Papier Mache Aeroplane Pencil Case_2

Papier Mache Airplane Pencil Case

Papier Mache Aeroplane_1

– Slit open an empty plastic bottle.
– Cut wings and tail out of old carton boxes and tape them onto the bottle
– Cut strips of old newspaper into small pieces and soak them in water
– Glue paper all over the entire bottle with the last layer being plain white paper.
– Let dry overnight

Papier Mache Aeroplane Pencil Case_3

Paint the airplane and glue a 20cm zipper around the opening.

Papier Mache Aeroplane Pencil Case_4

The Papier Mache Airplane Pencil Case is ready for your kids to show off to friends when school reopens ^_^

Yarn bowl


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The year end is coming and that only means lots and lots of celebrating and partying coming up. It’s nice to have a DIY bowl sitting on the table with some candies in it, isn’t it? Let’s make one today.

Yarn bowl

Wrap the bowl with plastic.

Dip yarn in white glue and arrange onto the bowl.

Keep repeating until you have covered almost 90% of the bowl.

Let dry, preferably overnight.

Remove plastic and the yarn bowl is ready 🙂

Halloween Paper Pumpkin


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Halloween is fast approaching and we hope it’s not to late to share this creation, Halloween Paper Pumpkin.

It’s a great way to decorate your house with these cute little pumpkins. Full tutorial here.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Eye Patch


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We are making Halloween eye patch today.

Halloween eye patch

We’ll need a long rubber band, a white round circle, a medium blue (or any other color of your choice) and a small black circle.

Paste the blue circle onto the white circle. Then, paste the black circle onto the blue circle.

Use a fine red ink pen and draw lines on the white part of the eye.

Cut the rubber band and staple it onto a circle hard board.

Paste another round hard board to cover the staples. Paste the eye on the other side.

The Halloween Eye Patch is now ready! Boo! 😀

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag


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Halloween is just around the corner. Let’s start preparing for ‘Trick or Treat’.

We don’t need to burn a hole in our pocket this festive season. Just DIY what we can. For this Halloween Goodie Bag, all we need is brown paper bag and black sugar paper.

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

First, draw any creepy Halloween features on the black sugar paper. Let your child cut it out. You may need to assist him/her if they are not ready to handle the scissors yet.

Apply glue to one side of the sugar paper.

Paste onto the brown bag. Decorate as you wish.

The Halloween Goodie bag is ready. You may also use brown bags with handles.

Halloween Treats: Edible SPIDER


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Oh yummy, yummy. It’s been a while since we last ate SPIDERS! Spiders are simply delicious come Halloween don’t you agree?

Ingredients used are Oreo biscuits, chocolate sticks and strawberry chips.

There! Delicious SPIDER for Trick or Treating! Read the step-by-step on how to make this SPIDER treats here.

Koi fish painting for kids


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The kids painted koi fish today in the Studio. It’s super easy even a toddler can do it! 😀

Koi fish (Japanese carp) painting

I drew and cut out two templates (as shown above) for each of the kids.

Get the kids to paint the entire drawing block blue using sponge. My kid insists to paint it green as he said the water in the pond is always green!

Place the first template and start dabbing white paint over the holes in the template. Let dry.

Place the second template over the white paint and dab orange paint.

Repeat the process if you wish to have more than one fish.

Craft foam picture frame


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It’s Father’s Day today. The kids did a foam picture frame to present to their father (or mother as it is after all Parents’ Month this month)

DIY Foam Picture Frame.

You’ll need half an A4 size of coloured craft foam. Place a smaller rectangle paper in the middle of that craft foam and draw a line along it.

Cut according to the line.

Paste a sheet of plastic over the cut out hole. Stick using cellophane tape.

Paste a coloured construction paper on a piece of rectangle hard board card. Paste double layered tape as shown above.

Paste the rectangle craft foam over the hard board card. Punch two holes on the hardboard card and tie ribbon.

Decorate as you wish. I’ve always loved ladybug as I believe it brings good luck. Refer here for the foam ladybug tutorial.

The DIY foam picture frame is done!

Felt Bunny


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Michael Ann of Michael Ann Made shared with us this cute little bunny felt craft. This could be a fun craft to do with your kids who want to learn to sew by enlarging the pattern a few percent on a copy machine, and using yarn and a yarn sewing needle to stitch it together. The full tutorial and pattern can be found here.

This craft requires adult’s supervision as the use of needle is needed.

Thank you Michael Ann for this lovely sharing.

You too can share your art and craft work with us. Just click here to submit. Thank you

Crepe Paper Pencil Holder


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I’ve always loved the fine art of pottery. I wish to try pottery with the students but I can’t find a good enough clay yet.

In the meantime, remember the kids’ paper twisting project previously? Refer to it here. Let’s get them to train their ‘pottery’ skills using crepe paper instead 🙂

We will need a large toilet paper roll. Glue a cardboard at the base and let dry.

We’ll need lots of strips of crepe paper.

Twisting crepe paper is good to train the little kids’ motor skills and coordination.

Apply glue on the toilet paper roll and paste the twisted crepe paper, rolling and repeating with new strips of paper until you’ve covered the entire roll.

The kids busy with their masterpiece.

The completed crepe paper pencil holder.

The kiddo decorated it to be a colourful alien bunny ^_^

Another kid did this creative BEE!

Aren’t they beautiful? I’d be very proud to have them on my working station 🙂

Easter Lamb craft


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It’s Good Friday today. Are you done decorating your eggs for Easter?  Inspired by DisneyFamilyFun, we did this little cutie lamb today 🙂

Easter Egg Lamb

Our little artist has just started learning the piano and one of his favourite piece is Mary has a Little Lamb. He learned this piece from YouTube. Watch him play here 😀

Since he is loving lambs so much, it is only appropriate to make one to accompany him <3

All you need are: 
* an empty egg shell
* a black straw for the legs
* colored paper for the ears (I cut out from old magazine)
* cotton balls
* glue

Cut the straws

Glue onto the egg

Paste cotton all over the lamb leaving the front part empty for the face

Draw eyes and mouth

The Easter Egg family is expanding 😀 Check out our previous post on making the Easter Egg Mickey Mouse here.

Easter Egg Mickey Mouse


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Easter is just around the corner.

Thanks to, we found this cute way to decorate our Easter Eggs 🙂

Watch this video on how we transformed an ordinary egg into a cute Mickey Mouse! <3

Valentine’s Torch


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It’s Valentine’s Day in a few minutes time. We did a Valentine craft today. It is a Valentine’s Torch.

While we were thinking of what we wanted to project on the wall, I asked my boy what he knows about Valentine’s Day. His answer is simply CUPID! I do not know how to draw a cupid. Thank goodness we have a printer that we can simply google for a picture of cupid and print it out!

To see how you can turn these printouts:

Into a torch shown below:

You’ll need to check out this short 4 mins video of how my boy turned a simple printout into an amazing torch! 🙂 The only thing I did was to cut the objects out for him. Enjoy!

Puffy Heart Valentine


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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Let’s make a puffy heart today <3

Valentine’s Puffy Heart

Referring to our post here, cut a heart out of hard construction paper to be used as the template. Let the kids trace the outline of the heart on white hard construction paper.

Cut the heart out. Younger kids might need assistance in cutting the heart.

Paint the heart red. Let dry. Repeat on the other side.

Using a hole punch, punch a hole on the heart.

 Cut long strips out of crepe paper. Cut again into small squares.

Crumple the crepe papers squares into tiny balls. You’ll need plenty of these.

Spread PVA Glue on one side of the heart.

Scatter the crepe paper balls onto the heart and press down to secure them. Repeat on the other side.

Tie a gold string through the hole and the Valentine’s Puffy Heart craft is done 🙂

DIY Ang Pow Packet


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I was a pre-school teacher when I was expecting my little artist Ethan. It was always my intention to continue teaching and remain in the working force. All that changed the moment I laid hand on my baby in the Operating Theatre. I submitted my resignation and vowed to be the best mother a mom can be to my son. I live with this mantra in my head – “A parent is a child’s first teacher”.

My love for art and crafts helps create that special bond between Ethan and I. We started crafting together when he was 12 months old and it helps in his motor and fine skills development tremendously. Initially we’ll hang up his masterpieces in the Art Room in the house. Overtime, we ran out of walls.

That is when was born; to immortalize his artwork and also to share our ideas with other mommies out there. That was 3 years ago.

A week ago, we finally got ourselves a colour printer. We chose a HP colour inkjet printerI need not limit his creativity to only water paint and crayons anymore. He can now print out stuffs that he created online.

For a start, with the Chinese New Year around the corner Ethan did his first printing craftwork.

Personalised Ang Pow Packet

He personalised his very own red packets to be given to his grandparents. Let’s have a look at how he does it 😀

A+ #1 – First, choose a picture of the person you are giving the Ang Pow to. This is easily done by stalking their Facebook account 😛 I helped Ethan to get the pictures of my nieces from my sisters’ FB account and saved them in my PC.

A+ #2 – Ethan chose the pictures that he likes best and starts printing. Mind you, he did it all by himself as shown in the video at the end of this post!

A+ #3 – Quickly and silently, our new HP printer did the job. Excellent!

A+ #4 – Take an old Ang Pow packet and tear it open to be used as a template. Trace the outline according to the template.

A+ #5 – The personalised Ang Pow is slowly taking shape.

A+ #6 – Cut accordingly. Please assist your child if he has yet to master the art of cutting with a pair of scissors.

A+ #7 – The personalised Ang Pow cut out.

A+ #8 – Fold accordingly and paste.

A+ #9 – The personalised Ang Pow is done!

A+ #10 – Ethan personalised Ang Pows for all his cousin sisters and even did some of himself to be given to his grandparents 😀

Lovely isn’t it? We are highly impressed with the printout. It looked so natural and beautiful, we are definitely going to do more print art in the future!

I am an A+ mom and so can you!

Watch the video of Ethan printing his very own personalized Ang Pow.