Hand and Footprint Lobster

Today, we are going to make a lobster out of our hand and footprint 😀

Hand and Footprint Lobster

Paint your foot red

Print your painted foot on a piece of paper

Paint your palm red

Print both of your palms as shown in the picture

Use a brush to draw a line to connect the palm to the feet

Paint your fingertip black and stamp as the eyes

Your hand and footprint lobster is done 😀


  1. The lobster is awesomely cute !

    Would love to do this with YX but am afraid of the mess. What brand of water colour do you advise for easy washing? I’ve not bought any water colour for YX except those make in China type. We have finished using them too so wanna buy a new set. Thks.

    • Merryn

      Hi Mnhl

      When working with kids, it is always advisable to invest in good quality non-toxic watercolor. Never mind the price, it won’t burn too big a hole in our pockets anyway but what is most important is the water color is safe for our kids to use and ‘play’ with. Try getting some of the better known brand in the market. They are all easy to rinse off. Cheers 😀

  2. I saw that you posted a grape activity that looked super cool – but I couldn’t find it – will you be reposting it?

  3. What a lovely idear…..And great blog. I have made a comment on my own blog of this great idear. Hope it’s okey.

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