Footprint Lion

Roar!!!!!!!!! 🙂 This lion won’t scare anyone away.. Let’s do a footprint lion today 🙂

Footprint Lion. Cute? 🙂
Paint your foot brown.
Stamp it onto a piece of paper.
Paint your fingers and print it as the lion's mane 🙂
It should be something like this..
Paint a finger and print it as the tail.
Your lion is all done 🙂


  1. This lion look very cute! And if without the mane, maybe can make a sealion?

    • Merryn

      Yes Mnhl,

      After completing the lion, we were laughing at ourselves thinking .. ‘hey, it looked like a sealion!’ 😀

  2. merryn you can also do it with the toes as the lion mane and the face the bigger upper part of the foot and the mouth with the heel part which can resemble as the chin too… what do you think?

    • Merryn


      I think that is a GREAT idea as the lion that I have now is more of a sealion! 😛

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