The poster boy is THREE

Ethan, my poster boy is THREE years old today. If you’ve been following this blog, you would have watch him grow from a 12 months old chubby baby to a ‘no longer chubby’  toddler and now… an active little boy 😀

As he grows, so does this blog and we are proud to announce that we are expanding our studio beyond blogging. We are now about less than a month away from the official opening of our brand new Studio in Subang 2.  If you wish to be in our contact list for the opening, please do not hesitate to drop your contact details here.

This will be your chance to catch Ethan ‘live’ in action 😛

Cheers and have a nice day 🙂


  1. Mery

    Happy bday to Ethan…

    Looking forward for yr grand opening of your new craft studio.

  2. Happy B’day to Ethan boy! Keep us update on your studio opening. Would love to visit it one day, if I happen to be in Subang ;D

    • Merryn


      Sure, just drop me a note and you are welcome to visit anytime 🙂

  3. happy birthday Ethan!!!!!!!!!!

    hugs and kisses from jariel and auntie ayie

  4. happy birthday to Ethan. Am wondering why kids grow bigger and the chubby face will hilang? I miss Heng Heng chubby face 🙁

    Btw, wishing everything going smooth on your new opening studio

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