Handprint Elephant


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I love handprint art. It’s been a while since we last did a handprint art. Let’s make an elephant today πŸ˜€

Handprint Elephant

Paint your palm black

Stamp your painted palm onto a piece of paper

He loves handprint art πŸ˜€

Paint the side of your palm white

This will be the elephant’s ear

Stamp it on the elephant as the ear

It needs an eye.

Use a marker to draw the eyes and the elephant is done πŸ˜€

Wool Webbies


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Putti Amma of Putti Prapancha shared with us this interesting craft called wool webbies πŸ˜€

Wool Webbies

Click here for full instruction. Thank you Putti Amma for the craft πŸ™‚

You might want to click here for lots of SPIDER crafts ideas πŸ˜€

TP Roll Egg Carton Alligator


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Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream..
If you see a crocodile,
Don’t forget to SCREAM! πŸ˜€

Alligator or crocodile.. call it what you want as we are making one today πŸ™‚

Egg carton alligator

Glue 3 toilet paper rolls together or you may just use kitchen roll.

Glue the egg carton on it and let dry.

Paint the alligator green

Paint the eyes white

Paint the eyeball black. Paste the legs and teeth and the alligator is done πŸ™‚

Origami cranes for Japan


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We were in Sunway Giza this evening and saw this..

Let’s fold origami cranes for Japan!

They say anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will have their heart’s desire come true.

Let’s together fold MORE than one thousand origami cranes for the Land of the Rising Sun in light of their recent quake and tsunami plight.

Origami papers and simple instructions were provided.

Ethan trying to figure out what to do..

He is getting it… it is starting to turn out to be a crane πŸ˜€

There! His origami crane. I think the tail is a little bit off but it’s okay. It’s the effort and thoughts that counts right? He is barely 4 years old, give him a break! πŸ˜›

Ready to insert the origami crane into the box provided.

We did not one but four origami cranes. We would love to stay on and do more but we ran out of time.

Will definitely go back to Sunway Giza soon to make more origami cranes.

Our Heart Goes to the people of Japan…

Craft Tips – Painting Straight Lines


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Masking tape is very useful for this. Stick the tape along the line, then paint right up to it. You can paint a little over the edge. Wait for the paint to dry completely, then pull off the tape and you will have a perfectly straight line. This is a good way to paint shapes like triangles and diamonds.

Kitchen paper roll spyglass


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Feel a little like a pirate today? Let’s make a spyglass out of kitchen paper roll πŸ˜€

Kitchen paper roll spyglass

Paint a kitchen roll black

Cut strips out of aluminium foil


Spread some glue on the rim of the roll

Place a cellophane sheet on the rim

Cut the excess sheet

The spyglass is ready! Aye! Aye!

Craft Tips – Egg cartons as colour pallete


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Don’t throw away your egg cartons as they can be used as an art pallete. You need not spend money to buy pallete anymore πŸ˜€ Recycle is the way to go πŸ™‚

Egg carton Bee


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We did an egg carton bee today πŸ˜€

Egg carton bee

Paint the egg carton yellow

Paint stripes on it

Glue wings onto the bee

Bend a pipe cleaner (chenille stick) and glue on the head

Paste the eyes and the bee is done πŸ™‚

Paper Plate Elephant Door Hanger


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We did a paper plate elephant today πŸ™‚

Paper plate elephant

I’m sorry for we did not take pictures during the making this time around. My camera was not with me πŸ™

Anyway, you’ll need 4 paper plates; 3 small ones and 1 big one.

Paint them.

Glue a small paper plate to a big plate.

Cut another small paper plate half and glue as the ears.

Cut legs and tail from the last paper plate and paste.

Cut a strip of paper and fold accordion style and paste as the trunk.

Paste the eyes and you are done πŸ˜€

Papier Mache Pottery


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The little sprouts of My Little Sprouts did this awesome papier mache pottery.

Papier Mache pottery

To learn how you can turn these balloons into pots, click here for the full instruction.

Thank you My Little Sprouts for sharing your creative pottery art with us πŸ˜€

Butterfly Goodie Bag


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I stumbled upon this great idea fromΒ RainbowstarbooksΒ for a goodie bag! The next time you have a party, why not place all the little goodies in a plastic bag and tie it up to look like a butterfly?

Simply great isn’t it?

Giraffe Art


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Ethan did a giraffe art today. Let me share it with you πŸ˜€

Giraffe Art

He drew a giraffe modeled after the Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe in our previous entry πŸ™‚

Here he is diligently colouring the giraffe

Tah-dah! His giraffe art is done and he is all smiles πŸ˜€