Easter Foam Egg Fridge Magnet


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Your fridge deserved to look good during Easter too. Let’s make an Easter Egg fridge magnet out of foam today πŸ™‚

Easter Foam Egg Fridge Magnet

You'll need multi coloured craft foams and a craft scissors

Cut out an egg and some strips. Paste a double sided tape on each strip.

Paste the strips onto the egg

Trim off the excess strips

Paste a magnet on the back of the egg

Let the little one place it on the fridge to be admired by all πŸ™‚

Easter Egg Basket


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Remember the Happy Family Chicken Eggs we just did? Remember the Easter Egg Bunny? All we need to do now is make a basket to keep them nicely together πŸ™‚

Easter Egg Basket. The Happy Chicken Family and their friend, the Easter Bunny πŸ™‚

Cut an empty egg carton. We'll need only four 'nests'.

Trim the sides and paste double-sided tape. Stick a strip of crepe paper all around it.

In case you're wondering how to prepare the crepe paper, just cut a strip and fold. Then trim one end so that it's a little bit rounded.

Use a hole punch and punch a hole each on both sides of the basket. Put a pipe cleaner through it and twist to secure. The Easter Egg Basket is done πŸ™‚

Happy Family Chicken Eggs


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I so love this Easter project that I did with Ethan (well, most of it was ME as empty egg shells are too fragile to be handled by him). The end result is just too satisfying and cute!
Let’s start πŸ˜€

One Happy Family Chicken Eggs

You'll need some empty egg shells.

You'll need to cut out some 'chicken parts' from coloured felts and paste double layered tape on it.

Paste all the parts onto the empty egg shell. Draw two dots as the eyes.

Introducing... Daddy Chicken Egg πŸ˜€

Put your hands together for... Mummy Chicken Eggs πŸ™‚

Our bundle of joy... Baby Chicken Egg a.k.a. Ethan πŸ˜›

Together, we make a lovely Happy Family portrait πŸ™‚

I’m still smiling looking at those eggs πŸ™‚ If you have any Easter projects you want to share with us, please submit them here and we’ll link it back to you. Thank you πŸ™‚

Star Egg


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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.. Let’s make a star out of an egg today πŸ™‚

Star Egg

We'll need a star shape silicon mould and a non-stick pan.

Break an egg in the middle of the star mould.

Add some water and cover with lid. A couple of minutes is all it takes for the yolk to completely cook. Decorate with sea weeds πŸ™‚

Easter Egg Bunny


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This Easter, let’s make a cute bunny out of an egg πŸ™‚

Easter Egg Bunny

Use a double sided tape to keep the egg in place.

Cut two ears from felt and foam and glue them onto the egg.

Decorate the bunny as you wish and you'll have a cute centrepiece πŸ™‚

Peek-A-Boo Chick


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There was once when I kept the eggs in my fridge for far too long that they turn bad. Then hubs jokingly said that luckily it turn bad, otherwise they will hatch! And then, I got an idea for this craft…
All I used was my old place mat and that scouring sponge? Is that what they call it? Some googly eyes and glue are needed too.
Got Ethan to outline the ‘egg‘.
Ready for assemble.
Cute? It’s a gentle reminder to quickly consume the eggs before they hatch! πŸ˜€