Peek-A-Boo Chick

There was once when I kept the eggs in my fridge for far too long that they turn bad. Then hubs jokingly said that luckily it turn bad, otherwise they will hatch! And then, I got an idea for this craft…
All I used was my old place mat and that scouring sponge? Is that what they call it? Some googly eyes and glue are needed too.
Got Ethan to outline the ‘egg‘.
Ready for assemble.
Cute? It’s a gentle reminder to quickly consume the eggs before they hatch! 😀


  1. Kimmy

    Haha.. Eggs will never stay very long in my fridge.
    LOL.. Nice one

  2. Joanna Tang

    haha! so cute and creative.. I also wanna do 1 for my fridge too ^_^

  3. Mummy and daddy: Angie and Ben

    That’s so so adorable. I wonder if I put one in our fridge the consumption of eggs will increase even more! Evan loves eggs.

  4. Mama Bliss

    awww that’s wonderfully cute!!!

  5. Merryn

    Kimmy i know u n ur family all egg lovers! sure wont last long da eggs!

  6. Merryn

    Joanna, by all means, do it, and pls let me see ur end result! u can use craft foam if u dun have place mat like mine! 😀

  7. Merryn

    Angie n Ben, LOL! try it n you’ll know the answer. i wud really like to see u doing this n show it back to me coz i like to see other ppl’s version of it. no one craft is exactly the same!

  8. Merryn

    MamaBliss, i know u. you’ll be thinking how to do this in fabric style eh? hahahha… ur brain is processing how to sew this thing! dun forget, show ME! 🙂

  9. Ayie

    Hey, I like your placemat!

    It’s a very good reminder and very cute too! Which reminds me to finish cooking ur eggs in the fridge. =D

  10. Merryn

    Ayie, u want to finish cooking MY eggs? LOL!

  11. Ayie

    hehe that was supposed to be OUR, the O was omitted! I’m more interested with your egg moulds! haha

  12. Merryn

    ayie, u can actually purchase the egg mould online at

    see if that is convenient for u.. otherwise let me know.. i’ll see what i can do…

  13. Ayie

    Aww, so sweet of you. I might see some of those in japan town so I’ll check it there first. I just find it cute but not too necessary to have. We have no kids around anyway. Thanks so much!

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