Dried Leaf Chick


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We were walking in the park when we noticed lots of dried leaves scattered around. I picked up several nice ones and brought them home.

Today’s craft is Dried Leaf Chick.

Dried Leaf Chick


Dried Leaf Chick

You’ll need 2 dried leaves of different sizes. Paint them yellow (using acrylic paint) and let dry.

Paste the smaller leaf onto the bigger one as the wings.

Paste googly eyes.

Use a marker pen to draw the feet. Β 

The dried leaf chick is done! πŸ˜€

Hand and footprint Chicken


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Oh Mac Donald had a farm,


And on his farm he has some chickens,


With the cluck, cluck here, cluck, cluck there…

Alright, let’s just get to business πŸ˜›

Hand and footprint Chicken

Trace your footprint on a piece of yellow paper

Trace your handprint on orange and red paper

Paste the footprint onto the handprints

Add eyes, beak and all and your chicken is done πŸ™‚

Handprint Hen


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It’s a wonder what our handprint can do. Today, we’ll transform our handprint into a hen πŸ™‚

Handprint Hen

Paint your palm white and print onto coloured paper.

Using felt and foam, decorate the hen.

You are done πŸ™‚

Happy Family Chicken Eggs


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I so love this Easter project that I did with Ethan (well, most of it was ME as empty egg shells are too fragile to be handled by him). The end result is just too satisfying and cute!
Let’s start πŸ˜€

One Happy Family Chicken Eggs

You'll need some empty egg shells.

You'll need to cut out some 'chicken parts' from coloured felts and paste double layered tape on it.

Paste all the parts onto the empty egg shell. Draw two dots as the eyes.

Introducing... Daddy Chicken Egg πŸ˜€

Put your hands together for... Mummy Chicken Eggs πŸ™‚

Our bundle of joy... Baby Chicken Egg a.k.a. Ethan πŸ˜›

Together, we make a lovely Happy Family portrait πŸ™‚

I’m still smiling looking at those eggs πŸ™‚ If you have any Easter projects you want to share with us, please submit them here and we’ll link it back to you. Thank you πŸ™‚

Peek-A-Boo Chick


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There was once when I kept the eggs in my fridge for far too long that they turn bad. Then hubs jokingly said that luckily it turn bad, otherwise they will hatch! And then, I got an idea for this craft…
All I used was my old place mat and that scouring sponge? Is that what they call it? Some googly eyes and glue are needed too.
Got Ethan to outline the ‘egg‘.
Ready for assemble.
Cute? It’s a gentle reminder to quickly consume the eggs before they hatch! πŸ˜€

Cute Pom-Pom Chick


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This is my first time doing a yarn craft. But I definitely LOVE the result of this Cute PomPom Chick! Isn’t it cute?
You’ll need this small gadget to make the pom pom.
You’ll need to do two pompoms of slightly different sizes. Then tie them up together. Lastly, decorate them and you’ll get this…Ahh.. imagine having a cute chick on your phone/fax receiver. Simply cute. ^^