Handprint Elephant


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I love handprint art. It’s been a while since we last did a handprint art. Let’s make an elephant today πŸ˜€

Handprint Elephant

Paint your palm black

Stamp your painted palm onto a piece of paper

He loves handprint art πŸ˜€

Paint the side of your palm white

This will be the elephant’s ear

Stamp it on the elephant as the ear

It needs an eye.

Use a marker to draw the eyes and the elephant is done πŸ˜€

Paper Plate Elephant Door Hanger


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We did a paper plate elephant today πŸ™‚

Paper plate elephant

I’m sorry for we did not take pictures during the making this time around. My camera was not with me πŸ™

Anyway, you’ll need 4 paper plates; 3 small ones and 1 big one.

Paint them.

Glue a small paper plate to a big plate.

Cut another small paper plate half and glue as the ears.

Cut legs and tail from the last paper plate and paste.

Cut a strip of paper and fold accordion style and paste as the trunk.

Paste the eyes and you are done πŸ˜€

Painting an elephant


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Our poster boy now loves painting pictures. He has graduated from colour pencils and crayons and is now loving water paints.

I’ve done this video of him painting an elephant. Enjoy πŸ˜€

Egg Carton Elephant


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It has been sometime since we last did an egg carton craft. Today, let’s make an elephant! πŸ˜€

Egg Carton Elephant

You’ll need a head with huge ears and a body with legs.

Cut them out

Paint it whatever colour you like πŸ™‚

Paint the ears and eyes and your elephant is done πŸ™‚


Paper Plate Elephant


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Trumpet please! We are making an elephant today πŸ™‚

Plate Elephant

Draw a circle on a felt, any colour of your choice. Draw a line in the middle and cut so you will have two semi-circles.

Glue the semi-circles as the ears.

Cut a strip of paper and fold accordion style.

Click here to learn what is accordion fold.

Glue the strip of paper as the trunk.

Glue two googly eyes and you are done πŸ™‚

Vitagen Bottle Elephant


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If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I like to recycle stuffs for crafts. Today, I’m very happy for the craft that I’m sharing with you is totally, 100%, originally MINE πŸ˜€

I sat for hours looking at the Vitagen bottles piling up in the recycling box in my kitchen. Yes, I have boxes in the kitchen labelled “plastic“, “glass“, “paper” and “others“. We ALLΒ need to do our part for the environment, don’t we? After hours and hours of looking at the bottle, I finally came out with THIS. I’m so happy (oh yes, I’ve said that already :D).

Alright, enough ofΒ talking and let’s get to back to business. A friend of mine calls this elephant ELEGEN, so ELEGEN it shall be πŸ˜€ Ladies and gentlemen, presenting….

Elegen, the Vitagen Elephant πŸ™‚

Draw a circle, cut and paste to cover the ‘mouth’ of the bottle.

Use small strips of paper and paste until you’ve covered the entire bottle.

Cut 2 long strips of paper. I used two different colors.
Fold on top of each other and then paste as the trunk.
Cut 2 ears out of colored craft foam and paste.

Cut four strips out of colored craft foam and glue the ends to form a loop.
Paste onto the elephant as the legs.

Glue a pipe cleaner as the tail.
I stick an oval craft foam at the end for maximum cuteness effect πŸ˜€

Elegen - MY Vitagen Elephant πŸ˜€