Masquerade Mask


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Today we will be making a face mask or rather an eye mask from colored construction paper.
Masqueade craft 1

Construction Paper Face Mask

Masqueade craft 2


You’ll need construction papers of various colors.

Trace your hand onto two different colored paper.

Cut. Cut a hole in the middle for the eyes to see.

Paste them together.


Paste a chopstick at the back and your handprint face mask is done!

Dried Leaf Chick


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We were walking in the park when we noticed lots of dried leaves scattered around. I picked up several nice ones and brought them home.

Today’s craft is Dried Leaf Chick.

Dried Leaf Chick


Dried Leaf Chick

You’ll need 2 dried leaves of different sizes. Paint them yellow (using acrylic paint) and let dry.

Paste the smaller leaf onto the bigger one as the wings.

Paste googly eyes.

Use a marker pen to draw the feet.  

The dried leaf chick is done! 😀

Pyssla beads cake


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We’re sorry. It’s been awhile since we update this blog with new entries. We are currently midway through a craft project and are running like a headless chicken from one end to another.

Anyway, here’s something interesting you can get the kids to make during birthday parties – Pyssla beads cake.

Pyssla beads cake_1

As easy as 1,2, 3.

Click here for the full instruction. 

We got to run now. We promise to post a full new entry as soon as we are done with our project. Till then, happy crafting! 🙂