Origami Bird


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Let’s make an origami bird today. This bird can perch on your fingers or literally anything. You can place it on a tree branch or cable and see it rocking. All you need is a square paper and a pair of googly eyes for this. I used brown paper to achieve that natural look.

Watch this tutorial video to see how to make this simple origami perching bird. 



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I’m not a gamer hence I have no idea what AMONG US is all about. But my sons love this game and the younger one requested for me to make an IMPOSTER paper craft toy for him the other day. So I did. I used coloured paper, a cloth peg and glue for this craft. Watch the video to see how I made this Among Us Imposter paper craft.

Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Craft Idea


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Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away. Let’s get our kids to celebrate this day of love with this simple paper craft. All we need is some craft pipe cleaners, colour paper, a pair of scissors and glue. 

Watch this tutorial video to see how to make this fun and easy Valentine’s Day craft that you can make together with your children. 

Chinese New Year Plum Blossom Art


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Today, we are going to share this simple yet amazingly beautiful Chinese New Year Plum Blossom art.

All we need is a piece of paper, some paint, a paintbrush, a toothbrush and a straw.

First, drop some black paint or ink on the paper. Use the straw to blow the ink to form branches.

Use a toothbrush to sprinkle some colour onto the paper.

You may touch up the branch that is covered by the paint splatters.

Use the back of a brush to dot petals of plum blossoms randomly on the branches.

The result is this beautiful Plum Blossom art piece that you can frame and hang on an auspicious corner of your house.

Watch this video to see how easily Little Ayden made this art. He had so much fun painting this: