Craft Tips – Recycle those Shower Gel Bottles


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You know I do a lot of hand and foot painting with my boy. When it’s time to wash his hands or feet, it is such a hassle if I need to grab hold of a soap bar or squeeze some out of a bottle.

What I normally do is to wash and decorate my empty shower gel bottles and refill them with handwash liquid.

I have a bottle in every corner of my house! Just kidding πŸ˜€ I only have them in every corner of the washroom πŸ˜›

Paper Plate Elephant


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Trumpet please! We are making an elephant today πŸ™‚

Plate Elephant

Draw a circle on a felt, any colour of your choice. Draw a line in the middle and cut so you will have two semi-circles.

Glue the semi-circles as the ears.

Cut a strip of paper and fold accordion style.

Click here to learn what is accordion fold.

Glue the strip of paper as the trunk.

Glue two googly eyes and you are done πŸ™‚

Vitagen Bottle Elephant


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If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I like to recycle stuffs for crafts. Today, I’m very happy for the craft that I’m sharing with you is totally, 100%, originally MINE πŸ˜€

I sat for hours looking at the Vitagen bottles piling up in the recycling box in my kitchen. Yes, I have boxes in the kitchen labelled “plastic“, “glass“, “paper” and “others“. We ALLΒ need to do our part for the environment, don’t we? After hours and hours of looking at the bottle, I finally came out with THIS. I’m so happy (oh yes, I’ve said that already :D).

Alright, enough ofΒ talking and let’s get to back to business. A friend of mine calls this elephant ELEGEN, so ELEGEN it shall be πŸ˜€ Ladies and gentlemen, presenting….

Elegen, the Vitagen Elephant πŸ™‚

Draw a circle, cut and paste to cover the ‘mouth’ of the bottle.

Use small strips of paper and paste until you’ve covered the entire bottle.

Cut 2 long strips of paper. I used two different colors.
Fold on top of each other and then paste as the trunk.
Cut 2 ears out of colored craft foam and paste.

Cut four strips out of colored craft foam and glue the ends to form a loop.
Paste onto the elephant as the legs.

Glue a pipe cleaner as the tail.
I stick an oval craft foam at the end for maximum cuteness effect πŸ˜€

Elegen - MY Vitagen Elephant πŸ˜€

Craft Tips – Recycle those drink trays


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Each time we drive through McD, we’ll get a tray to hold the drinks. Do you know they make great holder for some art items?Β  I used them to hold my tempera paste πŸ˜€

Egg Carton Fish


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Egg carton fish

The next time you think of throwing out your egg cartons, think again for they can be used to make beautiful fish!

Egg carton

Cut the egg carton into individual cups.
Glue them together to get the shape of a fish.

Paint the fish

The kids deep in concentration

Cut craft foams as the fins. Use pipe cleaner as the mouth

The kid’s finished product – The Egg Carton Fish. Simply beautiful!

The kids and their fish striking a pose πŸ˜›

CONTEST – PLAYHOUSE DISNEY goodies up for grabs!


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Calling all Mommies (and Daddies) with kids between 2-6 years old

Exclusive Contest: Watch and Win Cool Playhouse Disney Goodies



Angelina Ballerina will pirouette on to screens in Malaysia on Playhouse Disney (Astro Channel 613) beginning June 21, Monday, at 4.30pm and will air daily on weekdays at 4.30pm in June. The series will feature energetic music-and-dance-filled adventures starring Angelina Ballerina, the little mouseling with big dreams!

Inspired by the award-winning children’s book series by author Katharine Holabird and illustrator Helen Craig, Angelina Ballerina follows 8-year-old Angelina as she attends Camembert Academy, a school for Performing Arts where she experiences new forms of music and dance.Β  This brand new series on Playhouse Disney introduces preschoolers to the joys of movement, artistic expression, musicality, imagination and coordination and brings music and many forms of dance, including ballet, modern, tap, jazz, classical and ethnic dances from around the world, straight to these kids.Β  A team of accredited dance instructors and music education specialists helped develop the show’s arts education curriculum.

Angelina always works hard to reach her goals and learns from her mistakes.Β  As the little ones share Angelina’s experiences, they will be inspired to go after their big dreams too!

To welcome Angelina Ballerina, Playhouse Disney is also delighted to bring your preschooler dance-related new episodes of My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Handy Manny and Chloe’s Closet airing from 2.00pm onwards on the same day!


While your kids watch the show, we encourage you to spend a fun afternoon to explore with your little one, creatively, on who/what they want to be when they grow up:

– Step 1: Create an image of your preschooler’s “big dream” using thumbprints on a piece of art paper (can be both yours and hers or his)


When I grow up I want to be Mr. Cool Guy πŸ˜€

OK, so that is so lame. I know you can do better πŸ˜›

– Step 2: Email your creation/s through to [email protected], before July 2, 2010, Friday

– Step 3: Top 3 lucky contestants with the most creative designs win – each goodie bag contains RM150 worth of Playhouse Disney premiums!Β  Participants will need to check the results in or on July 9 to see if your art piece won! πŸ˜‰

Here’s a bonus – The top 3 winning entries will be published in with a link back to your blog (if any). It’s also a chance for you to be ‘discovered‘ by Playhouse Disney! So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start finger printing NOW πŸ˜€

P/S: I won’t be the only ONE judging the entries, so no point of bribing ME πŸ˜›


*This contest is open to readers residing in Malaysia only*

Craft’s What Is – Sugar Paper


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Sugar paper or construction paper is a light paper that looks frosted due to the nature of the source material from which the paper is manufactured. ItΒ  isΒ  a tougher type of coloured paper; coarse, slightly rough with unfinished surface and is mostly available in large sheets.

The most commonly used sugar paper in craft is the black sugar paper.

Father’s Day Handprint Card


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Father’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s make a card for dear ol’ Dad πŸ˜€

Father’s Day Card

Draw a heart on a craft foam and cut

Click here to learn how to get symmetrical heart shape

The kids with their ‘hearts’ πŸ™‚

Draw the outline of your palm

The kids decorating and personalising their cards

Their masterpiece πŸ™‚

Toilet Paper Roll Bee


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Buzz.. Buzz.. Let’s make a bee out of a toilet paper roll today πŸ™‚

Toilet Paper Roll Bee

Paint the toilet paper roll yellow

Let it dry

Cut three strips out of black sugar paper

Paste the strips onto the toilet paper roll

Paint your pointer white

Stamp your fingerprint on the toilet roll as the eyes

Cut a pair of wings out of a white paper and bend a white pipe cleaner.
Paste onto the toilet paper roll and use marker to draw the necessary

Teacher’s Day Gift and Card


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Teacher’s Day – Time to show our appreciation to the ones who have dedicated their time dedicating our children.

Let’s take a look at what one Crafty-Crafted Friend’s Mommy did for the recent Teacher’s Day celebration.

Here’s what Irene of did πŸ˜€

Teacher's Day Gift

The genius part of her uses the floor tiles as a 'ruler' to measure and cut the material into smaller pieces. See? When crafting, all you need to be is CREATIVE πŸ™‚ No ruler? Improvise. The floor tiles can even act as one! That's totally NEW to me πŸ˜€

She got lots of earrings and bracelets from Bali ready

She wrapped them up

And then she made some cards

The beautifully decorated and handwritten cards

Beautifully done πŸ˜€

Thank you Irene for the wonderful idea πŸ™‚

Paper Loop Penguin


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Simple paper loop can create such cute creatures. Today, let us make a paper loop penguin πŸ™‚

Paper Loop Penguin

Get a strip of sugar paper

You need to cut two strips. One slightly longer than the other

Roll them to form a loop and paste the end

Do the same for the other strip and you’ll have two loops

Put some glue on the joining

And paste the two loops together

Cut two flippers and paste

Paste googly eyes

Cut an oval out of a white piece of paper and paste

Your paper loop penguin is done. Isn’t it cute? πŸ˜€

Popsicle stick Storage Box


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A Crafty-Crafted Friend's submission of a cool storage box πŸ™‚

Milton of Our Little Corners must have eaten ‘millions’ of popsicles for this project πŸ˜€ You may use craft sticks instead if you can’t get yourself to digest a million popsicles πŸ˜›

I’ll let the pictures do all the ‘talking’ here as he has definitely put in a lot of effort in this project! Words just can’t describe them πŸ˜€

So lovely, I likey πŸ˜€

Thank you Milton πŸ™‚

Crafty-Crafted Friends – Her Little Handprints


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Nothing beats kids doing arts and crafts to past time. I found a Crafty-Crafted Friend’s Mommy sharing a nice artsy time with her little princess, Chen Xi.

Chen Xi and her ‘masterpiece’ – The handprint flower πŸ™‚

Chen Xi’s handprint fish πŸ˜€

Check out her Mommy’s post about their art experience here πŸ™‚