Toilet Paper Roll Bee

Buzz.. Buzz.. Let’s make a bee out of a toilet paper roll today 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Bee

Paint the toilet paper roll yellow

Let it dry

Cut three strips out of black sugar paper

Paste the strips onto the toilet paper roll

Paint your pointer white

Stamp your fingerprint on the toilet roll as the eyes

Cut a pair of wings out of a white paper and bend a white pipe cleaner.
Paste onto the toilet paper roll and use marker to draw the necessary


  1. Hahaha…. so cute! so cute!!
    Btw, Merryn… where to buy the white pipe cleaner? Can it be substitute by something else?

  2. Interesting! The bee looks so lively… My girl Juan Juan says she want to do art with ‘Kor Kor'(Ethan).;)

    Happy weekend to you and your charming Ethan!

  3. hi merryn! this can even make a good pencil or crayon holder too

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