Footprint Bee

It’s been sometime since we last did a footprint art. Today, inspired by Handprint and Footprint Arts, let’s do a footprint bee 🙂

Footprint Bee
Paint your foot yellow. Unlike when he was younger, my boy finds it rather ticklish these days 😀
Stamp your painted foot onto a piece of paper.
Help your little one paint three black lines across the footprint.
Paint your finger tip white.
Print your fingertip on the bee as the eyes.
The almost completed footprint bee.
Help the little one paint the eye balls, wings and all and the bee is done 😀


    • Merryn

      😀 lol Ayie, you made it sound cute 😛

    • Merryn


      Water color but make sure they are non-toxic 😀

  1. I saw the bumblebee footprint on Pinterest, love it! I love the others too, definitely doing this with my kids this summer.

  2. This is so darn cute and creative! I am going to link to it in a post I wrote about observing bees that goes live tomorrow — thanks!

  3. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I found your foot print designs on Pinterest and got inspired to do the same for my now 3-week old baby girl. I’ll be posting some photos on my blog and I’ll include a link to this page to give credit. Cute ideas!


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