Fingerprint Bees

What to do on a bored rainy day? Get your water paint out and let’s start finger printing!
First I let him do some ‘practise’ on a piece of paper.
Upon reaching the ‘pro‘ level, I let him do the finger printing on a new piece of paper! 😀
There! After the paint has dried up, I help him draw some stripes and wings and his finger prints are now Buzzing Busy Bees!


  1. Ayie

    what's next? hehe so cute bees

    you're the best creative crafter! I like your ideas!

  2. Fussy mum

    Nice and cute! You used the normal water colour?

  3. Merryn

    Fussy mum, i used poster colours! 😀

    ayie, thanx. 🙂

  4. little prince's mummy

    Wow! This is nice!

  5. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy

    Nice…I like it. Will try to do this with Sarah.

  6. JO-N

    This must be fun for kids, you know, printing their finger prints here and there and create something nice out of it!

    • Merryn

      Can 🙂 That time I ran out of water colours 😛

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