Fingerprint Bees


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What to do on a bored rainy day? Get your water paint out and let’s start finger printing!
First I let him do some ‘practise’ on a piece of paper.
Upon reaching the ‘pro‘ level, I let him do the finger printing on a new piece of paper! πŸ˜€
There! After the paint has dried up, I help him draw some stripes and wings and his finger prints are now Buzzing Busy Bees!

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what's next? hehe so cute bees

you're the best creative crafter! I like your ideas!

Nice and cute! You used the normal water colour?

Fussy mum, i used poster colours! πŸ˜€

ayie, thanx. πŸ™‚

Wow! This is nice!

Nice…I like it. Will try to do this with Sarah.

This must be fun for kids, you know, printing their finger prints here and there and create something nice out of it!

Cannot use water colours?

Can πŸ™‚ That time I ran out of water colours πŸ˜›

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