Origami Koala

I love Koalas. They are just so cute. Here is a simple way to make your very own Origami Koala.
You’ll need a square paper.

Fold it in half.

Fold one end down to the bottom.

Followed by the other.

Fold a flap up.

And another flap for the ears.

Flap it back down a little bit to make it blunt.

Repeat on the other.

Fold down the upper part of the head.

Fold up one side of the lower part of the face.

And the other.

Turn it over and decorate it as you wish.



  1. Ayie

    hehe i didn't get it at first coz of the tiny ears but your paper choice is good, it almost have the similar color. Where are all those creations coming from?

  2. Linda

    Hi, just to say that the name is just Koala and not Koala Bear.

    Love your site.

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