Feeling all hot and craving for ice-cream? Try this ‘ice-cream’ that won’t melt! Of course it won’t melt, it is made of card board and paper plates. 😀
Paint a paper plate red and another yellow. You may paint it any colour as you wish and you may paint as many plates you like. Each colour will represent a scoop on your cone!
Just the middle part will do. Once dried, cut out a ‘cloud’ shape from each colour to form the ‘ice-cream’

Get a recycle box to make the ‘cone’. Draw a cone shape and line it with markers or colour pencil.

Once all is done, paste them all together. I added some glitters on the top of my ice-cream as ‘toppings’!
Stick it onto a wall or anywhere as you wish. This ice-cream will never melt! 😀


  1. Willie

    I think i will skip this. Coz later my son will want to eat ice cream often. Hahaha

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