Balancing Butterfly Craft


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This is a really fun craft that doesnt require any fancy materials. You’ll most likely have everything already at home. It’s also ‘magical’ and I’m sure your kids will love it!
balancing butterfly craft_2

Amazing Balancing Butterfly Craft

Materials needed:

Coloured Paper
Card board from cereal boxes (or any other box)

balancing butterfly craft_5

Fold a coloured paper half. Draw one half of a butterfly making sure the top wings are way above the butterfly head to enable it to balance. This is also a good time to teach your child about the centre of gravity.

balancing butterfly craft_4

Cut and paste onto the card board. Cut again. 

balancing butterfly craft

Decorate the butterfly. 

balancing butterfly craft_1

Paste a coin each on the back of the top wings. 

balancing butterfly craft_3

The butterfly should be able to balance itself now. 

balancing butterfly

It can balance almost anywhere. 

balancing butterfly_2

Your kids will have a whole lot of fun balancing the butterfly everywhere!

balancing bird

You can also make a balancing bird instead of a butterfly. 

balancing bird_1

 It’s just as beautiful and fun to play with. This is a great craft to make at any parties 🙂


CD Ladybug Note Holder


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We have lots and lots of old CDs in our TV cabinet. Some of them have scratches all over that I thought of disposing them when I was spring cleaning the other day. But we never throw away old stuffs now do we? We recycle them! 😀

Besides CDs we also have lots of these eco-friendly shopping bags. Too many of them in fact! So I decided to recycle them too!

Let’s make a magnetic note holder from recyclables today 🙂

Use the CD as a guide and draw a circle on the black shopping bag.

Draw another circle on the red shopping bag and cut.

Paste the black circle cut-out on the CD. Cut the red circle into half and paste. Cut smaller black circles and paste on the wings.

Paste two googly eyes.

Add the back, paste used clothes peg and a magnet over it.

I think the only items you needed to purchase is the googly eyes and magnet. The rest are totally from the cabinet!

Craft foam picture frame


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It’s Father’s Day today. The kids did a foam picture frame to present to their father (or mother as it is after all Parents’ Month this month)

DIY Foam Picture Frame.

You’ll need half an A4 size of coloured craft foam. Place a smaller rectangle paper in the middle of that craft foam and draw a line along it.

Cut according to the line.

Paste a sheet of plastic over the cut out hole. Stick using cellophane tape.

Paste a coloured construction paper on a piece of rectangle hard board card. Paste double layered tape as shown above.

Paste the rectangle craft foam over the hard board card. Punch two holes on the hardboard card and tie ribbon.

Decorate as you wish. I’ve always loved ladybug as I believe it brings good luck. Refer here for the foam ladybug tutorial.

The DIY foam picture frame is done!

Pencil Topper


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During the school holidays, I brought our little crafty boy to the mall for some fun holiday crafts. They did a pencil topper that day.

My boy was given this piece of hard construction printed paper. He coloured it.

I thought he did a great job at coloring the horse! 😀

He then applied glue all over and placed a pencil in the middle.

Fold, seal and let dry.

He loves it so much that he wanted to make more for his teachers so he can give them when school reopens. We printed our own pictures and he did a few..

Watch this video of him printing and making a Butterfly Pencil Topper 🙂

Crepe Paper Pencil Holder


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I’ve always loved the fine art of pottery. I wish to try pottery with the students but I can’t find a good enough clay yet.

In the meantime, remember the kids’ paper twisting project previously? Refer to it here. Let’s get them to train their ‘pottery’ skills using crepe paper instead 🙂

We will need a large toilet paper roll. Glue a cardboard at the base and let dry.

We’ll need lots of strips of crepe paper.

Twisting crepe paper is good to train the little kids’ motor skills and coordination.

Apply glue on the toilet paper roll and paste the twisted crepe paper, rolling and repeating with new strips of paper until you’ve covered the entire roll.

The kids busy with their masterpiece.

The completed crepe paper pencil holder.

The kiddo decorated it to be a colourful alien bunny ^_^

Another kid did this creative BEE!

Aren’t they beautiful? I’d be very proud to have them on my working station 🙂

Button Bugs


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Yvonne of MyDiaryMyBlog shared with us this cute craft made by her kids from recycling old buttons taken out from old clothings. All they needed were old buttons, UHU glue, sequins and soft wires.

This craft requires adult’s supervision as buttons and tiny sequins are being used. Please ensure the little ones do not put them into their mouth.

Thank you Yvonne for the lovely craft out of recycled items. Click here for the full entry.

You too can share your art and craft work with us. Just click here to submit. Thank you

Bubble wrap Honeycomb art


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Let’s make a honeycomb using bubble wrap today 😀


Paint a piece of bubble wrap

Place the painted surface down on a piece of paper

Paint your thumb and stamp all over as the bees

Paint the wings and draw lines on the bees.

Now comes the fun part. Mix some paint with PVA glue.

Drip the mixture onto the honeycomb

Hold the paper up and see the paint mixture flow creating honey in the honeycomb 😀

Optional : I cut some ovals out of yellow foam and get the kids to paste them onto the honeycomb. Paste plastic wings too.

Lala Butterfly


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We ate some lala (a type of shellfish) the other day and instead of disposing the shells, we made butterflies out of them 😀

Click here for the full entry of our Lala Butterfly artwork 🙂

Paper Towel Butterfly Mobile


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Kate Gribble of An Amazing Child shared this beautiful Paper Towel Butterfly Mobile 😀

This activity uses paper towel and food colouring (paint). It is perfect for toddlers. The paint spreads beautifully across the paper and once dry, can be cut into any shape you like. This mobile was made by Kate and her 27 month old son for her 11 week old daughter.

Click here for the full instruction. Thank you Kate for sharing this amazing craft. We love it!

Share your craft with us. Submit your craft and permalink here. Thank you 🙂

Egg carton Bee


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We did an egg carton bee today 😀

Egg carton bee

Paint the egg carton yellow

Paint stripes on it

Glue wings onto the bee

Bend a pipe cleaner (chenille stick) and glue on the head

Paste the eyes and the bee is done 🙂

Butterfly Goodie Bag


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I stumbled upon this great idea from Rainbowstarbooks for a goodie bag! The next time you have a party, why not place all the little goodies in a plastic bag and tie it up to look like a butterfly?

Simply great isn’t it?

Rock Painting – Lady Bug


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We are going to try rock painting today and what else can we paint if not our favourite – Lady Bug! 😀

Lady bugs

Choose some nice, round rocks

Paint it red

Once dry, paint the face black. Draw line and dots.

Let dry. Paint the eyes. Once dry, spray a coat of varnish and your rock ladybug is done 😀

Can be used as paper weight 🙂

B is for Butterfly


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Refer to the video we shared on how to cut letters from paper here and we’ll be making alphabet teaching aid again today.

Today’s lucky letter is B.

B is for Butterfly

Cut a B out of a piece of paper.

Use that paper B as a guide to draw the outline on a piece of colored foam

Use craft punch to punch out colourful circles and paste all over the B.

Craft Stick Insect Garden


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Craft sticks can be used to make beautiful decorative items. Today, let’s make an insect garden 🙂

Craft Stick Insect Garden

– You’ll need 8 craft sticks.

– Arrange them as shown above and glue to keep them in place.

Refer here for the ladybug instructions and here for the bee instructions.

– Cut some grass out of green felt and paste them all onto the craft sticks.

– Your masterpiece will definitely cheer up any dull looking wall 🙂

Craft Stick Stationery Holder


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We need to eat a lot of popsicles to do this 😀

Craft stick stationery holder

Get a toilet paper roll tube, the bigger the better.

Draw a circle on a hardboard box, cut and paste.

Spread some glue

Put an elastic band in the middle and insert the craft sticks.

The band is to hold the sticks in place.

Glue the craft stick all around the toilet paper roll tube.

Tie a string around it.

And you are done. You may also add some little bugs as deco.

Pyssla beads


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I love Pyssla beads. We can make almost anything out of it!

Pyssla beads

The kids hard at work 😀

Arrange the beads according to what you want it to be

Place parchment paper on the beads

Iron the beads, moving the iron about for 10 seconds or so

The beads will be attached to each other once ironed

Let it cool before removing the parchment paper

A beautiful ladybug 😀

Now.. let’s see what else the kids did!

Smiley Face 🙂

Snowflake and Christmas tree 😀

Egg Carton Ant


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Let’s make a giANT today 😛 Told you not to throw those egg cartons away. They can come pretty handy for crafts 🙂

Egg carton ant

Cut an egg carton

Paint it black or red

Paste the eyes and pipe cleaners as the legs

The GIANT ant is done 😀

Craft Stick Bee Bookmark


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We can make an interesting bee bookmark using a craft stick.

Craft stick bee bookmark

– Draw a circle on a yellow craft foam and cut

– Draw and cut another circle out of a black craft foam this time

– Paint a craft stick yellow

– Cut the black circle into half, paste as wings.
– Cut some tiny strips out of black craft foams and paste on the bee.
– Paste the craft stick at the back.

Your cute craft stick bee bookmark is all done 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Bee


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Buzz.. Buzz.. Let’s make a bee out of a toilet paper roll today 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Bee

Paint the toilet paper roll yellow

Let it dry

Cut three strips out of black sugar paper

Paste the strips onto the toilet paper roll

Paint your pointer white

Stamp your fingerprint on the toilet roll as the eyes

Cut a pair of wings out of a white paper and bend a white pipe cleaner.
Paste onto the toilet paper roll and use marker to draw the necessary

Footprint Ladybug


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People told me ladybug is for good luck and I’ve been believing in that ever since. I can never have enough of ladybugs in my art or crafts. Thanx to Handprint and Footprint Arts, let’s do a footprint ladybug today 🙂

Footprint Ladybug

Paint your heel black

Paint the remaining 3/4 of your foot red

Nice 🙂

Stamp your painted foot onto a piece of paper

Paint your fingertip black. Dot the bug.

Paint your fingertip white and dot two eyes.

Use a thin paint brush and paint the eyes and legs and you are done 🙂