Pyssla beads

I love Pyssla beads. We can make almost anything out of it!

Pyssla beads

The kids hard at work 😀

Arrange the beads according to what you want it to be

Place parchment paper on the beads

Iron the beads, moving the iron about for 10 seconds or so

The beads will be attached to each other once ironed

Let it cool before removing the parchment paper

A beautiful ladybug 😀

Now.. let’s see what else the kids did!

Smiley Face 🙂

Snowflake and Christmas tree 😀


  1. Winnie

    Hi, can i know where i can buy this beads? looks very interesting, i may want to do it together with my son too

    • Hi Winnie,

      The Pyssla beads can be found exclusively at IKEA 😀


    • Hi Shenny’s Mommy,

      I believe so. These beads provide hours and hours of FUN! 😀

  2. yikes.. i hope we can find something like this in here
    we really wanna try this art ….
    maybe i’ll try to look at the national book store and check if they have the same kind of beads

  3. You can also order these beads from However they are not listed on the site as “Pyssla” beads, they are actually listed as “Perler” beads. They are the same thing. Hope that helps!


  4. zee

    hey. Yknow where to buy those rings so that th beads can stick on it? And do yknow what glue is better for th beads to stick on th ring? Thank you v.much.

    • Hi Zee,

      You can either get those beads from Ikea or Toys ‘r’ us and the mould you can get it from those two places too. We do not need glue for this activity. Just iron them after you are done arranging the beads and they’ll stick onto each other.


  5. zee

    and can you tell me where to get th parchment paper
    ? thanks!

    • Zee,

      You can get parchment paper from stationery shop or even bakery shop 😀

  6. zee

    Thanks . But if i wanna buy a ring base and stick my beads design on it, what kind of glue will you recommend? Thanks again!

  7. Wei

    Is the tray you used to hold / arrange the beads included in the box of the pyssla beads?
    Or do i need to buy it separately?

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