Handprint Fly

Feel like making a fly today.
You’ll need a black craft foam, a laminating sheet, pipe cleaner, some yarn, stones for the eyes and glue.
Trace your handprint on the laminating sheet.

Cut two circles of slightly different sizes and a small oval and paste them onto a piece of paper to form the abdomen of the fly.

Spread glue onto the laminating sheet and scatter some yarn all over it.

Sorry for the picture does not really show the ‘wings’ properly. Anyway, here is the handprint fly.



  1. Mummy Moon

    Creative and I like the wings!

  2. Wonderful Life

    nice fly!

    ethan did that all by himself?

  3. Ciara

    The details were not completely clear at the end.
    And the materials say nothing about another peice f paper for the background of the body.

    But it is super cute and a great idea!!

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