Handprint Tree

At the playground today, Ethan kept on observing the trees and the falling leaves. He has seen those trees and the leaves everyday for so many months now but wonder why today he was more intrigue by them. So when we got back home, I decided to do this craft with him.
By now this boy is an expert in tracing the outline of his palm. I helped him cut out the ‘hands’ as he is too young to use the scissors.
I let him do his own pasting. One thing about craft for kids is, the more imperfect it is, the better I like it!
He is so proud of all his crafts, he kept on telling Daddy, “Ethan make tree” and also “Ethan make SUN” referring to his previous Sun craft! 🙂


  1. Ayie

    It’s nice that you use 2 tones of green, it made Ethan’s tree better! Your boy has made lots of crafts at an early age.

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