This handprint butterfly is simple to do.
I got Ethan to draw the outline of his palm. And then I helped him cut it out.
Paste the cut-out hands on a piece of paper.
I use black foam for the body and got Ethan to paste the googly eyes.


  1. kenwooi.com

    hey using fingers for the wings are simply creative! =)

    Btw, sorry for the extremely late reply.. i just saw your question regarding the “display of final result picture” on the label page.. just to inform you that i dont know how to do that.. sorry.. =)

  2. Ayie

    you and your boy are very creative. I’m really amazed with how he coordinates with all the craft projects you do.

  3. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy

    I also saw this similar craft that showed in Barney. Barney is teaching using the cut-out hands to make a spider.

    Anyway, I am impressed that Ethan can outline his palm so clear and neat.

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