Handprint Spider

Incy Wincy Spider climb up the water spout.. Let’s paint a spider today 🙂

Handprint Spider
You'll need black water colour for the spider. You may also use dark brown or any other colour your child wishes his/her spider to be 🙂
Paint your palm and four fingers black.
Stamp the painted palm onto a piece of paper.
You'll get one half of the spider.
Paint the other side of your palm and the four fingers.
Stamp it next to the first half.
You'll get a complete spider now.
Grip your fist and paint it black.
Stamp it on the body of the spider.
Paint your fingertips yellow and dot it around the head as spider has many eyes all over.
Paint your fingertip red and dot it on the yellow dots and your spider is done 🙂


    • Merryn

      😀 The eyes are a little bit ‘weird’ though.. 😛

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