Ribbon bookmark

This is too simple to do. All you need is a ribbon, foam and googly eyes. Cut out the foam to any shapes desired and add the googly eyes to make it more interesting. Paste the foam on both sides of the ribbon and on both ends too. Alternatively, you may used nice buttons instead of foams.


  1. JO-N

    Merry, this is lovely! Tell me, where to buy those googly eyes?

  2. Merryn

    JO-N, visit any crafts store near you, you’ll get it there. 😀 most major shopping complexes have at least one craft store there..

  3. Ayie

    haha the bookmark! It’s so cute! Honestly it won’t be too useful for me since I don’t realy like to read much. =D

    I’m just too fond of cute little stuffs. I love all your crafts, so creative.

  4. Baby Darren

    hi..wanted to find out where can we buy the googly eyes? I have been looking for it but couldn’t find. Can you tell me where did u get it???

  5. Baby Darren

    opps…after submitted the post only i realised someone has asked you about the googly eyes already.

    Can you introduce me any craft store in PJ? Or where u normally get it?? I dun see any craft store in most shopping complexes..

  6. Merryn

    Baby Darren, if you happen to go to 1Utama, there is a place called Craft Haven in between the old and new wing. They have it there. But I must say things there are a bit pricey! If you need to go get craft foam, get it from Popular Bookstore, cheaper. 😀

  7. Hi there! Thank you for your post! I was helpful. Anyway, my attention was distracted with the book you used. May I know what is that book title? I thought I have that kind of book before in my childhood. And my most favorite one was “THINGS TO DO”. Thanks!

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