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This is another simple to do craft. A bookmark made of foam.
You’ll need some craft foam, key ring and a paper clip. You’ll also need some cookie cutters for shapes.

Cut the foam to the shapes you desire.

Glue them together. Use a needle to poke a tiny hole for the key ring.

Insert the key ring and the paper clip and your foam bookmark is ready!

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i never thought cookie cutters can be used with other things. I like this one so catchy!

I'll definitely do this in time

Thats nice…very creative.

I really like your arts and crafts. I think I should invovle my son to do some since he will be going to kindie soon. Let him warm up a bit! hehehe

This is nice. Last Sunday, I taught the children of Sunday School to make a fridge magnet out of foam too and inspired by you, it's the shape of their hands. Hahaha, I'll post this later in my blog "It's All About Play".

may i know where can find the foam? thank you.

Jessica, you may find the craft foam in any major stationery store near you. Or you may try craft specialty shop. Good luck. πŸ™‚

May I know the thickness of the craft foam? The one I have is only 1mm thickness and soft. It is for making artificial roses. Will that be good enough?

Hi Merryn….

Well, i’m not in the right place here but i clicked on your link and it brought me here. Nice crafts there – you created your own with the help of your son? Cool πŸ™‚

By the way, i feel so idiotic coz i thought it was your wedding photo. Maybe i was too excited that i didn’t read your blog properly.

Well, if “Timmy Tan” is from Melaka, that he is definitely the same person who helped my wife and I with our wedding plans, so did his brother too. And his name’s Thomas – my cousin πŸ™‚

I live in Ayer Keroh now.

Cheers and keep blogging. Psst…teach me how to use WORDPRESS!!

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