Hand Print Crab

Isn’t this beautiful? A nice and simple to do hand print crab.
First, paint your palm yellow. I got Ethan’s chubby hands as my model here.
Then paint all five fingers orange.

Stamp it onto a white paper. Repeat with the other hand. Then using your finger, put 2 black fingerprint as the eyes on the ‘thumb’.

The handprint crab is done and Ethan is all smiles!



  1. Ayie

    yes his hands are chubby! lol

    i won't miss to do this one! whew, i think I can qualify now to be an art teacher in kindies here with all your craft ideas! hehehe

  2. mNhL

    Fantastic! Now I know palm is another useful tools to do arts & crafts. Thks for the idea. My son will sure be fully occupied with your ideas! Thks for not stingy in sharing!

  3. Wonderful Life

    you're a wonderful mom and ethan is so lucky to have you!!

    how i wish i got time and patience to teach my boy do the crafts like Ethan…

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