Origami Boat (3D)

Remember back in our ol’ school days we used to fold this boat? I was reminded of this boat by my students. Let’s see how she fold this boat.
Fold an a4 paper into half.
Fold the sides to the middle line.
Both sides.
Fold the four corners up to the middle.
And again for all four corners.
Like this.
Fold a small flip at both sides.
The trickiest part is to turn the boat inside out. Once you got that mastered, you’ll get your origami boat!
The kids and their boat. Unfortunately, there was no boat for Ethan that day. But he is still happy though! ^^


  1. Cynthia

    Ethan smile is soo big! and yes, this was what we used to fold with those recycled paper from mum's office.. muaha… and we will put it in water!

  2. Ayie

    no boat for ethan but i can still see him so happy there in the picture! happy kids! nice boat! we used to flod before with sails =)

  3. MeRy

    I like folding boat too when I was kid…..Tats one of mt favo origami stuff.

  4. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy

    This is the only origami that I am good at…hehe.

  5. ummie

    i’m a kinderkarten teacher and always looking for origami for my students…

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