Pyssla Bead : Happy Feet


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We were shopping when he came across this penguin and took the feet away! >_<

Happy Feet 😛

Pyssla Bead Happy Feet WITHOUT the feet as my board is just too small!

Anyway, it’s been raining cats and dogs recently and Ethan found many dead frog on the road.. They looked like this :

Have a nice day folks! 😀

DIY : Soft Glow Light


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We were privileged to be invited to dine at The Speakeasy Restaurant and Bar yesterday. The food is awesome but what caught my eyes the moment we were seated is their glow lights! I was at awe with their decor. It is all hand-made and I am telling you, this is really awesome! I finally found someone who loves craft as much as I do!

Just place a tea light candle in an empty bottle.

Stick a tape along creep paper and turn it inside out.

Place the creep paper over the bottle and there – a beautiful soft glow to illuminate the night.

I am truly amazed at Soraya’s creativity. This is only ONE out of her many craft work that I found that night. Shall share more with you as we countdown to Christmas! 😀

Silver Bird Christmas Tree Ornament


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Christmas is just around the corner. Decorating for Christmas can be fun but often burns a big hole in our pocket. Let’s not burn our pockets any further and DIY our very own ornaments instead.

DIY Silver Bird Christmas Tree Ornament.

I drew the bird template on a drawing block. We recycled the hardboard that comes on the back of every drawing block.

We used that hard board to make the bird. I got the kids to use the template to draw the outline on the hard board and cut for them. The older kids cut out their own bird.

Get them to paint the bird using silver poster colour.

I cut silver paper and fold them accordion style. Read here if you don’t know what is accordion fold.

Use the folded paper as a guide to how long you’ll need to cut a slit on the bird.

Slip the paper through and spread open the wings.

Poke a tiny hole for the thread and the Silver Bird Christmas Tree Ornament is done! 🙂

Cardboard Christmas Tree


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Victoria of Reuse Craft shared with us this her kids’ lovely Cardboard Christmas Tree using painted cardboard, recycled beads, toilet paper roll covered with fabric scraps and a star made out of an empty coffee capsule.

Thank you Victoria for the lovely Christmas craft. Click here to check out Victoria’s entry.

You too can share your art and craft work with us. Just click here to submit. Thank you