Tissue Paper Puff


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Our first paper flower project was back in 2010 when we did crepe paper carnations. See full details here.

Today, whitneywpanetta of Look Between the Lines shared with us a lovely tissue paper puff project.

Click here for full tutorial.

Thank you Whitney for sharing this lovely craft work with us.

You too can share your art and craft work with us. Just clickΒ hereΒ to submit. Thank you

Paper Cup Flower


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When we go out shopping, we like to sample food given by the promoters and always end up with lots of paper cups in hand. Instead of just disposing them, if they are used to serve you cereals or any dry food, chances are they are still clean. Let’s do Mother Nature a favour and recycle those paper cups. Let’s transform them into pretty flowers πŸ™‚

Paper Cup Flower

See this paper cup? Don’t throw them away.
Let’s make a flower out of it πŸ™‚

Cut all around the paper cup

Cut a circle out of craft foam and paste.
Any color of your choice.

Glue a craft stick at the back. Let it dry.

Your simple paper cup flower is done πŸ™‚

Muffin Cup Flowers


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Muffins are delicious. Today we are going to use muffin cups to make beautiful flowers πŸ˜€

Muffin cup flowers

We’ll need muffin cups

Paste them onto a piece of paper

Press to keep them in place

Use a coin as a guide and draw a circle on a color craft foam.

Paste the craft foam in the middle of the muffin cups

Like this πŸ™‚

Cut strips out of brown craft foam and paste

Bend a green pipe cleaner and paste as the leaf


You’re done πŸ˜€

The satisfaction I got from that smile of his – PRICELESS πŸ˜€

Handprint Flower Bouquet


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There’s nothing a mother loves more than a handmade handprint flower bouquet from the little one. This Mother’s Day, let’s get the little tots to do something for us πŸ˜›

Mother's Day Handprint Flower Bouquet

Draw your handprint on various colour papers.

Cut them out.

Paste them onto a piece of paper; the handprint being the petals.

Arrange and paste them until they form a flower.

Cut a piece of felt as the stalk and some heart shape as the leaves. Paste them.

Done! A bouquet of handprint flowers for Mommy! Boy, he doesn't look too happy πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

Crepe paper Carnation


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Fresh flowers are beautiful but they don’t last. This is my first time venturing into making paper flowers. Instead of using tissue paper, I used crepe paper instead.

Crepe paper carnation

I used crepe paper instead of tissue paper and pipe cleaner instead of the floral wire.

Accordion fold the crepe paper. Fold it once from one side to the other and fold again.

Click here to learn more about accordion fold.

Loop the pipe cleaner in the middle and slowly pull and spread out the crepe paper.

I used pipe cleaner so that it can be looped around little girls' wrist as a corsage. Ideal as a wedding favor πŸ˜€

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It will be nice to make a bouquet of this and present them to Mommies out there πŸ™‚