Crepe paper Carnation

Fresh flowers are beautiful but they don’t last. This is my first time venturing into making paper flowers. Instead of using tissue paper, I used crepe paper instead.

Crepe paper carnation
I used crepe paper instead of tissue paper and pipe cleaner instead of the floral wire.
Accordion fold the crepe paper. Fold it once from one side to the other and fold again.

Click here to learn more about accordion fold.

Loop the pipe cleaner in the middle and slowly pull and spread out the crepe paper.
I used pipe cleaner so that it can be looped around little girls' wrist as a corsage. Ideal as a wedding favor 😀

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It will be nice to make a bouquet of this and present them to Mommies out there 🙂


  1. Congrats, saw you being feature in Parenthots, The star

  2. How nice if I have a pair of “crafty” hands like you. I can save RM100 for buying a bouquet of carnations for my mom for this coming Mother’s Day:-)

  3. kim

    Accidently, i got this message how to make carnation flower with crepe paper. thanks a lot.

  4. hana

    Would you please tell me where can I buy these materials in KL? I want to make some bouquet cheaply.

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