Craft’s What is – Crepe Paper?

Crepe paper, or crêpe paper, is tissue paper that’s been coated with sizing and then “creped” to create gathers. Sizing is a material such as glue, gelatin, gum, or starch, added to paper pulp or cloth to add sheen and stiffness, among other things. This gives crepe paper a distinct texture and feel, and one quite different from untreated tissue paper.

Crepe tissue paper comes in white, as well as an array of bright and pastel colors, and it may or may not bleed.

Crepe paper is popular for streamers and other party decorations, but it has other uses as well. Props and costume accessories can be made of crepe paper. It can be soaked in a small amount of water to create a dye for Easter eggs, white cardstock, and other materials. Crepe paper can also be used to make paper flowers, appliqué, and paper sculpture.


  1. yes, i know what is crepe paper.. when dipped with water, our fingers also got coloured too.. heheee.
    oh, another crepe i know is the pancake!!! yummy!

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