Muffin Cup Flowers

Muffins are delicious. Today we are going to use muffin cups to make beautiful flowers 😀

Muffin cup flowers

We’ll need muffin cups

Paste them onto a piece of paper

Press to keep them in place

Use a coin as a guide and draw a circle on a color craft foam.

Paste the craft foam in the middle of the muffin cups

Like this 🙂

Cut strips out of brown craft foam and paste

Bend a green pipe cleaner and paste as the leaf


You’re done 😀

The satisfaction I got from that smile of his – PRICELESS 😀


  1. Merryn


    Yes, they are indeed called chenille stick. They are also knows as pipe cleaners 😀


  2. ayie

    truly, that smile is so genuine!

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