Paper Cup Flower

When we go out shopping, we like to sample food given by the promoters and always end up with lots of paper cups in hand. Instead of just disposing them, if they are used to serve you cereals or any dry food, chances are they are still clean. Let’s do Mother Nature a favour and recycle those paper cups. Let’s transform them into pretty flowers 🙂

Paper Cup Flower

See this paper cup? Don’t throw them away.
Let’s make a flower out of it 🙂

Cut all around the paper cup

Cut a circle out of craft foam and paste.
Any color of your choice.

Glue a craft stick at the back. Let it dry.

Your simple paper cup flower is done 🙂


  1. Yes… this is the idea I need… really ran out of idea what to do with the recycle paper cups. Thank you.

    • Merryn

      Hi Linda,

      Cool 😀 Let me see the end result ok? Cheers 🙂

  2. Mery

    Good idea…shld try it out with Ryan ltr.

  3. very creative indeed! 😉 haha ethan wanna give the sunflower to who?? ;p

  4. trilby henderson

    this is one of those crafts where the kids have to do more watching than helping….they could color the petals after the fact I guess….or you could swirl paint in the cups first and let dry, then cut…

    • Merryn

      Hi Trilby,

      To paint the inside of the cups, you’ll need to mix some PVA glue to the paints or else the paint wont stick to the surface 🙂

      Thank you.

  5. Karen

    LOVE this…will definitely be doing this at some point this year!

    • Merryn

      Hi Karen,

      Glad you love it 🙂


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