Egg Carton Fish

Egg carton fish

The next time you think of throwing out your egg cartons, think again for they can be used to make beautiful fish!

Egg carton

Cut the egg carton into individual cups.
Glue them together to get the shape of a fish.

Paint the fish

The kids deep in concentration

Cut craft foams as the fins. Use pipe cleaner as the mouth

The kid’s finished product – The Egg Carton Fish. Simply beautiful!

The kids and their fish striking a pose 😛


  1. Hey merryn, this is really nice! Well done! You really have got loads of wonderful idea and imagination, I’m sure Ethan will grow up as a very imaginative and creative person, since he has you!^-^

    Have a marvellous day!

  2. Arina Mustapha

    Hy thre merryn,

    Wow, i was really amaze with the craft.. Haha next tyme I wont throw away egg cartons.. Thx u for your creative sharing..


    • Merryn


      Yes, keep those egg cartons 🙂 Do check out my upcoming post on crafting with Vitagen bottle 😀


  3. those are beautiful and it would be fun to see all in an art aquarium

    • Merryn

      Thank you Ayie.

      That reminds me… next project must make an aquarium 😀

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