Cotton Sheep

This is one cute craft you can do with your old newspaper 🙂 See, our crafts are going green!

Cotton sheep

– Crumple a newspaper into a ball.
– Use masking tape to cover the entire surface

– Paste rolled up cotton onto the newspaper ball

– Poke a toothpick through, glue and let dry.
– Cut black straws and glue over the toothpicks.
– Let dry.

– Cut a face out of black colored foam and paste.
– Paste a couple of googly eyes and your cotton ball sheep is ready! So cute 🙂


    • Merryn

      Thank you Alice. I love this too. So cute 😛

    • Merryn


      Thank you for the link. It is great! I’ll let the kids try those in the near future. Cheers 😀

  1. now your sheep has more body =)

    maybe you can make a lot of there and save it for xmas and hang it on your xmas tree, will make a good decor

  2. Dana

    Love it! This going to be great for when we do our farm animals

    • Merryn

      Farm animals! That is so awesome! My boy loves animals craft 🙂

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